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FCA publishes monthly policy development update

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The FCA has published the latest Policy Development Update – Issue 32, which summarises the latest developments since its last update and provides information about recent Handbook-related and other developments as well as an updated timetable for forthcoming publications.

This month the Policy Development Update includes an updated timetable for future publications and links to:

  • Consultation Paper 16/7 Quarterly Consultation Paper No. 12
  • Policy Statement 16/11 Complaints against the Regulators
  • Policy Statement 16/10 Financial Services Compensation Scheme – Management Expenses Levy Limit 2016/2017
  • Policy Statement 16/9 Ring-fencing: Disclosures to consumers by non-ring-fenced bodies
  • Policy Statement 16/8 FCA Handbook changes regarding the segregation of client money on loan-based crowdfunding platforms, the Innovative Finance ISA, and the regulated activity of advising on peer-to-peer agreements
  • Policy Statement 16/7 Future regulatory treatment of CCA regulated first charge mortgages
  • Discussion Paper 16/2 CASS 7A and the Special Administration Regime Review
  • Feedback Statement 16/2 Feedback Statement on Call for Input: Regulatory barriers to innovation in digital and mobile solutions
  • Guidance Consultation 16/3 Primary Market Bulletin No. 13
  • Final Guidance 16/3 Guidance on voluntary regress schemes under the Competition Act 1998
  • Final Guidance 16/2 Primary Market Bulletin No. 12
  • Final Guidance 16/1 Guidance on the FCA’s approach to the implementation of ring-fencing and ring-fencing transfer schemes
  • Handbook Notice 31 (the Handbook Notice summarises legal instruments as passed by the Board and provides feedback to those instruments consulted on in a QCP or 1* Consultation Paper)

The FCA statement and the report containing the Policy Development Update can be found here.

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