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How Regtech Firms Can Boost Their Online Presence

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The RegTech (Regulatory Technology) universe is expanding at an unprecedented rate.

The latest market estimates suggest that the RegTech market is set to reach 21.73 Billion by 2027 from 5.32 billion (2019) at a CAGR of 19.5% (PR Newswire). The major drivers behind the growth are regulatory tsunamic, technological advancements, cost pressure, competition, and digital habits of customers.

With the increasing number of financial fraud, a proverbial storm has been observed when it comes to regulatory compliance. The RegTech landscape is proving to be an enabler in helping financial firms to ensure compliance.

But, the old-school mindset is the biggest challenge faced by the RegTech sector that hinders digital adoption. Lack of awareness and promotion of RegTech market is one huge reason behind this.

In today’s highly connected world, nobody considers buying from a business if it’s not online.

In fact, the presence of firms on the World Wide Web is a MUST.

Proven ways how RegTech companies can explode their presence in the online world

Using my expertise and knowledge of this field, I have discussed some verified tips for RegTech firms that will boost their online presence.

1.    Create a professional website

Your website is your identity. If potential clients get to know that your website doesn’t exist, then they probably aren’t going to deal with you further. Plus, if the website layout is unattractive, then 38% of users are likely to leave the website (Forbes).

You cannot underestimate the power of a well-designed, professional-looking, and easy to navigate website. It helps you build trust and guide visitors to take action. The website content also indicates your level of professionalism and attitude.

Here’s a good example of a RegTech company website.

Image Source

Cool colors indicated trust and professionalism and often used when something seems to be too complicated. Some other factors to consider include page load time, user interface, intuitiveness, website content, call to action (CTA), use of images, and information accessibility.

In a nutshell, a good website

2.    List yourself on an industry-focused directory

The discoverability of businesses has been completely ramped up by the internet. On the flip side, today’s consumers are more educated and prefer to make informed decisions after long research. This is where online directories come into play.

Top reasons why RegTech firms should be listed on an online directory:

  • Your company becomes easily searchable on the World Wide Web.
  • Being listed on an industry-focused directory strengthen your reputation as an industry leader.
  • It allows you to leverage SEO and appear on the first page of search results.
  • It improves your local visibility.
  • Directories provide inbound links (or backlinks) which increase website traffic.
  • The valuable site content helps RegTech firms attract their target audience, which are compliance specialists in banking firms.

Planet Compliance: Best online directory for RegTech firms

Image Source


Planet Compliance is known to be the highly credible online directory dedicated to RegTech firms. Compliance professionals and industrial experts in the banking, insurance, and investment enterprises use this online directory to find things they are interested in such as tips and technical information for investors, buyers, and banking firms.

Compliance experts also visit this directory to find out a suitable RegTech firm that can assist them with their reporting obligations, facilitate legal analysis, or streamline KYC processes etc. Planet Compliance has made a huge name in the industry in a short span of time.

3.    Use email marketing

Create mobile-optimized emails because this is where you’ll find industry specialists.

According to Hubspot, 35 of businessmen check their emails on their smartphone. Brands can increase click rate by 15% using a mobile-responsive email format.

Emails help you personalize communication with the clients. It is a proactive strategy that is being used by B2B marketers to increase sales leads.

4.    Create valuable blog content

Does your content solve customer’ challenge? Have you posted this content on the right platforms? Are they likely to find it?

Creating value-driven is another way to uplift online presence but is it that much easy? According to a study by Crowd Writer, following are the top challenges of B2B companies:

Professionals arriving on your website are looking for specific content. 95% of B2B marketers prefer newsletters, blog posts, and short articles (Blue Corona). It could be related to your products/ services or industry.

Many companies take help from assignment writers to create and post issue-focused and relevant content that compel their visitors keep coming back.

More tips to boost online presence through blogging

  • Write consistently and as often as possible.
  • Add social sharing buttons to your blog.
  • Create capturing titles.
  • Add reward for visitors who regularly engage with your blog such as ‘Free subscription’.
  • Use visuals to make your content easy to digest.
  • Encourage feedback.

5.    Link your social accounts and site

Your social presence should not be limited to your website. Your online presence will be boosted automatically when you are everywhere.

That’s why you need to combine your site and all other business accounts as it improves your authenticity and online presence. Your LinkedIn should be just a click away from your Facebook page, which is only a click away from your website, obviously.

Here’s an example of how to do this. A storage company uses YouTube description to share all their important info and links of social profiles.

Image Source


Providing links of platforms wherever you are active also enhance user engagement with your brand as they will see your facility images, like and share your content.

6.    Partner with RegTech influencers

Who says financial institutions can’t be social?

Till date finance brands don’t consider influencer marketing as a serious strategy. To realize the real power of going social in a true sense, banking firms must build a brand around social interests.

Working with social media influencers is a sustainable method to improve the online presence of RegTech firms. The content you produce in collaboration with influencers is shared with the huge fan community. Plus people trust people more than brands and most likely to take action if advised by an influencer.

Image Source

7.    Digital press release  

Press release helps an effective method for RegTech firms to spread the word without spending much. It is a kind of official statement or news published on a specific matter, but it is not only for journalists only. You can create a press release for your direct clients, stakeholders, and public.

By distributing updated industry press releases finance brands can also avail some great benefits such as greater brand awareness, market power, and competitiveness.

8.    Use your employees as advocates

Ask your employees, do you have good communication skills on your resume? If they yes, then they are a great source for you.

They can act as a representative of your brand and tell your prospects all the positive things about you. They can add URL of social media pages and website on their profile or simply refer your brand to clients verbally.

Here’s an example of an employee sharing his working experience with a bank.

Image Source

The bottom line

Creating profiles over the internet is not a difficult task. The key is to create killer content, make your presence known, engage with the audience, and drive more leads.

Author bio

Claudia Jeffrey is working as a Sr. Research Analyst at Assignment Assistance. Her skillful writing abilities empower her to channel passion into her essays. She loves to study and write about the latest technological tools. She always strives to offer genuine suggestions on how to establish communities through upright interactions.

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