5 Great Books To Kickstart Your Investments

5 Great Books To Kickstart Your Investments

With so much information about investment competing for your attention, it can be hard to know where to start – and who to trust. Although disembodied voices on the internet may profess great wisdom, I think it’s better to start with tried and tested methods. That’s why the books on this list are written by expert economists and individuals who have found success in trading. Read on for the expert advice you need to get started in investing.

1) The Intelligent Investor By Benjamin Graham

Benjamin Graham was an internationally renowned professor, economist and investor. Widely considered the father of value investing, he wrote The Intelligent Investor in 1949 after a career in investing as a way of bringing his insight and learning to a wider population.

This is a fantastic book for those starting out in investing as it truly is a foundational text. Despite the changed landscape of investing in 2020, the fundamental psychological and economic principles remain unchanged and Graham is an expert in setting these out clearly. His professorial tone is apparent throughout the book as he articulates how everyone can get started in investment, and the book is packed with actionable insights that can help you set out on your investment journey. It all started here!

2) How To Make Money In Stocks: A Winning System In Good Times Or Bad  By William J. O’Neil

Now in its fourth edition, O’Neil’s How To Make Money In Stocks has been updated and revised in accordance with current economic trends. This is one of the most readable introductions to making money on the stock market and O’Neil’s accessible tone presumes no degree of familiarity with either stocks themselves or the broader economic environment.

O’Neil takes the reader through all the key ingredients behind wise investments. If you’ve ever scratched your head at the financial section of the newspaper, O’Neil unpicks the graphs and figures and reveals how to become an expert assessor of the market. By offering advice for investing in both ‘good times or bad’, this book becomes a complete guide to getting your portfolio started.

3) Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert T. Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki’s novel approach to an investment book stems from his understanding of how parents teach their kids about money. This essential element of development is often neglected according to the author and not only does Kiyosaki go about correcting that, he also uses the format as an opportunity to offer timely financial lessons in an easily understandable way.

Key to Kiyosaki’s approach is the principle that investing should start early. This book offers  a kick up the backside for those who may have been thinking about stepping into the world of investing for some time – according to Kiyosaki there’s no time to lose, and with RIch Dad Poor Dad you’ll finally have the know-how to enter the market.

4) Irrational Exuberance By Robert J. Shiller

Shiller’s book offers a look at the myths and the madness behind the stock market so for anyone who has dipped their toes into the world of investing and wants to explore how the wider investment culture is made up, this is an excellent read.

Shiller foreshadowed the bubble bursting with this book and his advice has been proved to be accurate and profound. By drawing links between human behaviour and psychology and stock performance, Shiller reveals that whilst there might not be a whole lot rational about the stock market the influence we can have over it can lead to great success.

5)  A Random Walk Down Wall Street By Burton G. Malkiel

Lastly, Malkiel’s controversial book is an excellent option for anyone looking for a counter-narrative about the stock market’s objective value. By likening playing stocks to a random walk down Wall Street, Malkiel emphasizes the risks involved in playing the marker and he has statistics to back up his claims to the random nature investment. Despite the fact that this is a blasphemous book in many circles, it offers valuable wisdom and a word of caution.

Buy, Buy, Buy

With so much advice out there it can be hard to know where to start  -these five books will take you from stock novice to expert investor. Investing in stocks can provide a new source of income and secure your future. The markets are there to be played.

Ronald Cain is a tutor at Business Assignments. Ronald is a passionate writer and educator with a background in finance. Since moving to the West Coast he has pursued his passion for expanding the accessibility of investments and he believes anyone can use financial markets to secure their future.

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