Tue. Jun 25th, 2019

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AimBrain is a #BIDaaS (Biometric Identity as-a-Service) platform for global financial institutions. AimBrain’s approach to BIDaaS uniquely combines voice, facial and behavioural biometrics with cloud-based authentication to verify an identity, unlike traditional implementations of PINs, tokens and even fingerprints that simply confirm the link between the individual and the device.

We have the industry’s only cloud-based, multi-module identity authentication solution that combines both passive and active biometrics, using voice, facial and behavioural. Our technology is underpinned by a proprietary deep learning engine, designed to build an increasingly accurate profile of a user. Our customers can design a step-up approach to authorisation, escalating through our biometric authentication modules if an initial measurement falls below its acceptance threshold. This appropriate amount of frictions flags fraudulent transactions before they happen. AimBrain is omni-channel, and deployed using open-source SDKs and adhere to best security practices.

Primary activity and other services:

Client and Counterparty Identification


London, United Kingdom





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