Tue. Jun 25th, 2019

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Ariadne provides a unique and innovative approach to the management of compliance in financial services institutions. Using modern, advanced technology it is a cloud based method of capturing, linking and revealing all of the components of the compliance environment: the Organisation (people, roles), Policies and Regulations, and Processes (including controls). It includes methods of capturing evidence of compliance through links to audits, legal opinions, meeting minutes or any other proof of compliance (or plans for remediation). Ariadne retains every change to the models, so that any past situation may be reconstructed instantly with complete accuracy. Ariadne also encourages investigation of future options through scenario planning. Finally, a suite of dashboards and measures gives oversight so that compliance officers, senior managers, and external professional advisors may obtain instant and comprehensive insight into their institution and its workings.

Primary activity and other services:

General Compliance

Legal & Regulatory Analysis


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