Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

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Caspian specialise in the automated investigation of high volume, complex risk alerts for financial services firms.

Our Financial Investigation Platform (FIP) combines machine learning with human intelligence to fully automate or significantly augment high-volume risk investigations and judgements. This significantly increases speed, accuracy and consistency across domains such as Anti-Money Laundering and Customer Due Diligence.

This is world-first AI technology that delivers human-readable and regulator-friendly risk judgements in seconds. By outputting to industry leading risk reports, analysts receive guidance to help complete any remaining investigations.

We maintain gold standards, quality and integrity through our Investigation Assurance to provide auditors and risk stewards with the confidence they demand.

RegTech Categories

Client and Counterparty Identification


General Compliance

Legal & Regulatory Analysis

Investigation Solutions

Senior Management

Chris Brannigan, CEO/Founder

Tahir Ali, CFO

Phil Lutas, CTO

Bashar Awwad Sheikh Hasan, Head of R&D

Joe Faith, CPO

Graham Barrow, Head of Financial Crime Division

Number of Staff





Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Other Locations

London, UK

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