Tue. Jun 25th, 2019

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Cloud9 Technologies 


Cloud 9 Technologies is a cloud communications service provider. We provide high performance voice, messaging and collaboration services designed for the unique needs of distributed work groups and teams. We deliver our services from the cloud using software applications that leverage the internet and advanced WebRTC technologies. We organize our service into groups called Cloud9 Communities. A Cloud9 Community can be a team within a single company or a group or people from several different companies. Once you are part of a Cloud9 Community you have the ability to set up sophisticated voice and messaging services between the community’s members. C9 Trader is the first Cloud9 community. It is a voice and messaging service designed for the financial markets. Intended especially for institutional traders, C9 Trader provides a secure and compliant way to connect with your trading counterparties while eliminating the hassle and expense of legacy turret systems and private lines.

Primary activity and other services:

Data Protection


New York, USA





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