Tue. Jun 25th, 2019

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Our clients know that accomplishing this goal is more than just launching a website–it’s about providing a complete and compliant Crowdfunding EcoSystem of tools and services which protect the investor and support the business owners to raise the necessary capital to grow and increase the value of their company. As community leaders, our clients know that crowdfunding is a regulated industry and that the rules are not an annoyance, but rather a key component necessary to create a healthy and sustainable financial marketplace. We are not enamored with the crowd. We are focused on preparing and connecting businesses to qualified individuals in the context of their community—where everybody wins! CommunityLeader is committed to our client’s success. With over 150 years of industry expertise, our leadership team has an unprecedented understanding of the regulatory environment, due diligence process, transactional technology and investor marketing which directly impacts the success of your platform. Since the passage of the rules allowing for the general solicitation of private securities, no one has designed, built or supported more investment platforms than CommunityLeader.

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