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eccenca is the leading provider of enterprise knowledge graphs solutions. Its GDPR Suite enables company-wide transparency on and management of personal data. The GDPR Compliance software visualizes the distributed personal data on a central data map and links it to its contextual legal, source and processing information. This allows DPOs and GDPR Compliance teams to:

  • identify data sources and entries for Subject Access Requests across all systems in the company,
  • swiftly check and approve planned data analysis and processing projects,
  • define global processing policies for the company,
  • monitor Subject Access Requests, consent management and GDPR compliance,
  • automate reporting on GDPR compliance and governance.
  • systematically plan and execute deletion requests

The GDPR Suite is based on eccenca’s flagship product Corporate Memory which helps companies master the ever-growing complexity and dynamics of their data, network, product and device life cycles. The multi-disciplinary integrative platform allows companies to manage their disparate rules, constraints, capabilities, configurations and data in a single application. This enables them to re-establish transparency and LOB ownership to a complex environment thus enabling agility, autonomy and smart automation. eccenca is named Sample Vendor for Digital Supply Chain Twins by Gartner and TOP 10 GDPR Solution Providers by CIOApplications.

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BCBS239 Compliance

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Hans-Christian Brockmann, CEO

Dr. Sebastian Tramp, COO

Prof. Dr. Sören Auer, Head of Advisory Board

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Leipzig, Germany

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Berlin / Germany

Stuttgart / Germany


Twitter: @eccenca



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