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Exate Technology protect data at the most granular level – on an attribute by attribute level using encryption or tokenisation. This enables the separation of application security from data security. In  addition, the platform allows clients to easily and effectively control how data is accessed, enabling regulatory compliance with GDPR as well as providing for the secure cross-border transfer of data, either within a single firm, or across multiple firms. The solution has been purposefully built for GDPR and helps to solve the major challenges such as Subject Access Requests and Right to be Forgotten. The solution is available on the cloud (protect data stored in the cloud), on the client side (to protect information on the desktop), as well as the server side (to protect data flowing through APIs). All data access requests are stored, providing immutable forensic proof of who viewed (or attempted to view) the data. Furthermore, we provide anomaly alerts and various customisable reporting on data usage. This provides clients with a solution to data privacy regulations, as well as “data about their data”.

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