Fiducia makes your AML/CFT compliance regime simple and radically effective. Fiducia was established in 2013 by Claire Piper. Legally trained with a background in policy, she saw that financial service providers in New Zealand were struggling with the confusing and fast-moving changes regulatory changes. Why, she asked, was AML/CFT compliance in New Zealand so painful? The purpose of AML/CFT compliance must be clear. The documents and tools used by those reporting under the AML/CFT Act must be in plain English and easy to use. Consultants must focus on the existing strengths of a business and build capacity within teams before they leave. Relationships between businesses and their regulatory supervisors must be strong and constructive. And so Fiducia was born. We provide sleek and simple AML/CFT digital products and solutions to old compliance problems, and we love doing it. We work with you, wherever you are. Come join us.

Primary activity and other services:

Client and Counterparty Identification



Auckland, New Zealand