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Global Relay – compliance archiving, surveillance, and information governance for ecomms, voice, and trade data

Global Relay ( is a leading provider of compliance archiving, messaging, surveillance, information governance, and eDiscovery. Our 20,000+ customers in 90 countries include highly regulated organizations and other corporate firms, including financial services, insurance, technology, energy (oil and gas), legal, government and healthcare.

Our clients include 22 of the top 25 global banks, 27 exchanges, and 70% of FINRA-registered broker-dealers and SEC hedge funds.

Global Relay Archive preserves more than 60 data types within a unified, highly-secure and scalable cloud repository. Data types include: email, collaboration platforms (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom), Instant Messaging, Bloomberg®, Refinitiv, social media, text messaging, voice, and trade data.

Global Relay Message enables organizations to collaborate both internally and externally, confident that compliance, privacy, and security requirements are being met. Contact us at

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Legal and Regulatory Analysis

Data Warehousing and Analytics

General Compliance

Data Protection

Senior Management

Warren Roy, CEO

Shannon Rogers, President & General Counsel

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Development/Operations Centre: Vancouver, BC

European HQ

London, UK

Other Locations

Vancouver Briefing Center

Chicago Briefing Center

London Briefing Center

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Telephone: +44 (0)203 206 1850

Twitter: @GlobalRelay



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