How to Effectively Use AI Writing Assistants for Customer Service?

Whether you operate as a startup or a large international business, leveraging AI in your customer service and user engagement activities can be helpful. AI can be used to augment your content writing abilities in terms of better proofreading, formatting, data analytics, and other operations.

According to a recent study, 56.5% of CMOs use AI for content personalization, with 33.9% using AI writing assistants for content marketing optimization. While some outlets such as The Washington Post using AI to fully generate new content pieces, you can also use it as an assistant tool.

Your autonomy and editorial decisions as a writer are left undisputed, while the AI looks for errors, checks facts for you, and formats your writing. Let’s discuss how you can effectively use AI writing assistants when it comes to customer service for the benefit of your customers and writers alike.

Perks of Using AI Writing Assistants

What is the value of using AI writing assistants in customer servicing? To better understand that, we should address the two types of AI associated with creating content – machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Machine learning is a form of AI algorithm which relies on large amounts of data to learn from – think chatbots. NLP however monitors your moment-to-moment interactions and services to assist you in whichever operations you are performing at that moment. Siri and Alexa are only some of the NLP AI we are familiar with.

In the case of customer servicing, both of these algorithms can be used to enhance the experience of your customer base. While NLP can be used as an AI writing assistant tool in-house, machine learning AI such as chatbots can service customers autonomously. The combination of the two can drastically improve the way you handle support tickets and engage customers going forward. Here are some of the reasons to do so and the perks you can expect:

  • Write more meaningful content for your customers more quickly
  • The algorithm is active 24/7 and learning for your business’ benefit
  • AI will help you find solutions to support tickets even when you are stuck
  • AI analyzes data and creates reports more quickly and efficiently than humans
  • Working with an AI writing assistant means that you can include it/exclude it whenever you decide to
  • AI writing assistants are far cheaper and cost-efficient as opposed to hiring more support or writing staff

Keyword Sensitive Customer Service Indexing

Once customer service requests come your way, you can use your AI writing assistant tool to index them more precisely. This can be done by instructing the AI to group customer service tickets based on the keywords people used while writing them.

In practice, this will save you precious time, as the AI will read each ticket and determine what the problem is exactly before you. Once you confirm the AI’s findings, you can respond to the query and give AI feedback on how well it performed. Over time, your AI writing assistant will become better at keyword indexing and streamline your customer service operations.

Creating Better Content for Customer Service Tickets

One of the most straightforward ways in which you can use AI writing assistants is by having them grammar check and format your writing. AI algorithms can monitor your writing activities and suggest how to format sentences to be more readable or what to write to customers in general. Your writing skills, combined with a proofreading AI, can lead to very professional and reliable responses for your customers.

This is especially important if you work as a writing company or a digital marketing agency where expert-level writing is expected. You can also use GetGoodGrade to have your writing checked for formatting or stylistic errors which may be above the AI’s capabilities. Combined, this can lead to higher customer satisfaction, faster resolution of support tickets, and a better brand image for your business.

Effective Customer Service Translation and Localization

Chances are that some of your customers will come from abroad and speak different languages. Instead of forcing English or another language as standard, you can meet your customers halfway and translate your responses as you write them. Using auto-translate tools isn’t the best solution for something as important as customer servicing, which is why a writing assistant is a better choice.

An AI writing assistant can help you service international customers by translating their requests into your language and then your responses back, to their own. This is an extremely useful addition to customer servicing, which often hinges on how well customer support understands the customer’s request. Your AI will become more competent at localizing foreign phrases and lingo as you give it feedback, making it a better writing assistant.

AI Writing Assistants to Check Out

There is a wide range of AI writing assistants you can check out if you want to implement them into your customer service workflow. Keep in mind that spellchecking and translation tools such as Grammarly or Google Translate don’t count as AI writing assistants. While they offer some base-level AI functionality, dedicated writing assistants are more comprehensive and offer a wide range of features. Here are some of the most prolific ones to keep in mind:

  • Jarvis – great for marketing, translation, and understands various niches within different industries
  • Rytr – this AI can help you overcome writer’s block, generate new ideas, and improve your writing quality
  • INK for All – this is a multi-purpose AI capable of optimizing your writing for better readability and SEO
  • Writer – it can ensure that your writing is consistent, backed by facts, and actionable for end-users
  • Sapling –amazing for servicing as it integrates into CRM platforms and helps personalize your writing

While this is a sampling of the AI writing assistants available on the market, it’s best to start your integration process through an internal audit. What kind of an AI writing assistant does your business need to become better at servicing customers?

If you already have a dedicated customer support team, choosing a subtle, back-end writing assistant to spellcheck and format responses is a great idea. If you operate as a small business, however, a more feature-rich, comprehensive AI may be a better solution.

To Sum Up

It’s easy to get scared by the notion that AI writers will result in actual content creators and editors losing their jobs in the future. However, complex customer service queries, long-form editorials, and other higher-level service types are still out of reach for AI.

We are very far from AI algorithms taking over traditional content writing and customer service positions. Their role can and should be relegated to writing assistants to actual professionals working for the benefit of the business’ stakeholders. Take what we’ve discussed into consideration when leveraging whether to integrate AI writing assistant tools into your customer service workflow.

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Author’s bio. Jessica Fender is a copywriter and blogger with a background in marketing and sales. She enjoys sharing her experience with like-minded professionals who aim to provide customers with high-quality services.

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