Fri. Dec 4th, 2020

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The Top 10 of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

With almost $300 billion in total market cap, cryptocurrencies are big business. While many focused on ICOs and their meteoric rise to fame for the...

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An analysis of the Top20 ICOs, trends and regulatory outlook

On Monday, I spoke at a conference organised by the Ministry of Defence for its defence partners on the subject of Blockchain and Defence Logistics....

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Finance for Compliance Professionals: The 10 richest Hedge Fund Managers in the world

Hedge Funds have come under pressure in recent times. Firstly, they are almost always blamed when things go wrong in the financial world – take...

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The 10 highest-earning HFT Firms in the World

High-Frequency Traders often are very secretive people when it comes to numbers. However, every now and then something comes out, either through company announcements or...

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The RegTech Top 100 – 2020 Edition

Welcome to the RegTech Top 100, our weekly list of the leading RegTech firms! Regulatory Technology has made remarkable strides over the last few years....

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The PlanetCompliance Top 50 LegalTech Influencers on Social Media

From contract and document management to e-discovery to practice management software and legal marketplaces to legal services and research and more – LegalTech leaves no...

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Preparing Future Lawyers for LegalTech – The most influential Law Schools

Who are the most influential Law Schools on Social Media and how well do they prepare future generations of lawyers for the digital transformation of...

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The Planet Compliance Top 50 RegTech Influencers

The RegTech industry is buzzing: innovation has transformed how we use regulatory technology to deal with ever-increasing requirements and obligations from financial regulations. Who are...

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The 10 biggest FinTechs in Europe – Who are they, what do they do and how much are they worth?

When you talk about a Unicorn in Finance, you talk about a start-up that is valued at $1billion and more. The term was coined by...

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The definitive guide to LegalTech – the PlanetCompliance LegalTech Directory!

Welcome to the PlanetCompliance LegalTech Directory! The legal industry is getting transformed in a way never seen before. Clever start-ups and established players look at...

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The LegalTech 500 – The most influential firms in LegalTech

Update: The LegalTech 500 is changing! Starting 2020 we will apply a new methodology focusing on various aspects. You can register for FREE and read...

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The 10 biggest scandals that rocked the Blockchain world

Bitcoin continues to create all time highs on daily basis and the underlying technology, Blockchain, is seen by many as the silver bullet for many...

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The best RegTech events in 2018

It’s been a great year for RegTech and we at PlanetCompliance had the pleasure of being at several top-notch conferences and events. 2018 is equally...

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Finance for Compliance Professionals: The 10 Biggest Investment Banks in the world

What are the biggest investment banks in the world, what are they worth and how much do they make? Reporting season is in full swing...

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