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Mobile messaging has revolutionised the way we communicate. It is fast replacing traditional email correspondence with real-time conversations. People now expect to be able to “chat” instantly, anytime and anywhere, via easy-to-use unobtrusive technology. For businesses, whose value proposition is built upon a high-touch and highly personalised client experience, chat has opened up a new intimate engagement channel that implies and reinforces a closer relationship with clients in a more efficient way. Faced with increasing levels of fraud, there is also a growing recognition that email no longer meets the needs of organisations who rely on secure and verified communication with their clients. When instructions and the transfer of certain confidential information can no longer be made by email, the process becomes more inefficient. The resulting phone calls and use of other communication channels take up more time and compromise the client experience. This is particularly acute among financial services providers, such as wealth managers. However, for chat to be a viable alternative to email, it needs to be secure and easy-to-use, as well as enabling efficient, confidential and compliant conversations. novastone’s white label chat solutions, built by financial industry experts, deliver on all these requirements, seamlessly moving organisations’ most valuable relationships from the inbox into a chat conversation.

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