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Akazio is a leader in archiving electronic communications across email, chats, social media, voice, and SMS.

With the increase in legal and regulatory compliance mandates, the need to archive and analyze rising volumes of electronic communication data has fast become one of the most pressing challenges for businesses.

Akazio Cloud Archive provides record-keeping, discovery, and supervision functionality to lower the burden on compliance and legal departments. Not only are firms able to leverage email archiving, but can also store instant messages (Slack, Teams), social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp), voice (RingCentral, Zoom), SMS (RingCentral, Twillio) and more. Please see Akazio’s website for a full list of connectors: www.akazio.com.

Tech Company Details
Compliant Communications
Industries Served:
Asset Managers, Banking, Brokerages, Capital Markets, Financial Institutions, FinTech, Gambling, Healthcare, Hedge Funds, Insurance, Law Firms, Private Equity, Telcoms
SAAS (Cloud & web-based)
Contact Details
Phone No: +1 (718) 504-8373
Head Office
394 8TH St APT 1L, Brooklyn​
New York
Office Location(s):
United Kingdom, United States

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