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Apiax is a suite of regulatory technology products that empowers financial institutions to realise business opportunities and minimise risks through embedding compliance requirements. Embedded compliance means integrating complex legal and compliance requirements into key tools and processes.

Apiax’s embedded compliance solutions enable business leaders to make critical decisions faster, delivering answers to the financial industry’s most pressing regulatory issues in real time. It’s the easiest, fastest way for highly regulated entities to put the client at the heart of business operations. 

Since launching in 2017, Apiax’s growing product portfolio has expanded to cover different fields of the financial realm, such as wealth management and asset management as well as related data protection and tax topics. Working closely with the world’s top legal experts allows for Apiax’s products to be up-to-date, ensuring reliability on verified compliance knowledge.

Tech Company Details
Legal & Regulatory Analysis, Monitoring & Screening
Industries Served:
Banking, Capital Markets, Financial Institutions
Jurisdictions Covered:
170 jurisdictions covered
Contact Details
Phone No: +41 44 500 84 80
Head Office
Hohlstrasse 186
Office Location(s):
Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom
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