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Corlytics structures, rates, and visualises regulation. Corlytics is a leading provider of regulatory data and regulatory technology to firms globally. 

We monitor, assess, map and align regulatory changes.  We take a risk-based approach to prioritising developments and predicting what is ahead.  Corlytics is helping compliance, risk, legal and audit teams locate and understand their regulatory obligations, where to focus and what is emerging, in a more straight-forward manner, leading to greater efficiency, lower costs and a reduced risk of non-compliance.  We translate regulatory change directly into business impact.


Tech Company Details
ESG, Financial Crime, Legal & Regulatory Analysis, Monitoring & Screening, Risk Management
Industries Served:
Asset Managers, Banking, Capital Markets, Financial Institutions, FinTech, Government, Insurance, Law Firms, Others, Technology
SAAS (Cloud & web-based)
Contact Details
Phone No: 020 3608 8962
Head Office
32 Threadneedle St
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