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Custodia is the market utility for the regulated digital data capture, validation and archiving.

About CC1 by Custodia.

Custodia’s CC1 service captures all communication data including voice, text, screen share, video, IM, social media, CRM, HR and market data for a complete 360° view. This data is centralised, normalised and unstructured within one data lake, then validated and audited with real-time reconciliation, built-in security, policy checking, transcription, and biometrics to assure compliance. Customers can access this assured data, not only for regulatory demands, but also to gain powerful business insights to inform decision making – making use of previously untapped ‘dark data’. CC1’s secure API also allows data to be consumed or shared with other platforms (HR, Comms Surveillance, analytics) and used for behaviour analytics, AI, and machine learning.

ISO 27001 certified, Custodia recently announced the availability of CC1 in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Tech Company Details
Compliant Communications, Data Compliance
Industries Served:
Automotive, Banking, Energy, Financial Institutions, Financial Services, FinTech, Healthcare, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Telcoms
SAAS (Cloud & web-based)
Contact Details
Phone No: +1 332 245 3589
Head Office
Springwood House, Booths Park
Chelford Road, Knutsford
Cheshire, WA16 8GS
Office Location(s):
Hong Kong, United Kingdom, United States
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