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PassFort, a Moody’s Analytics company

About Company

PassFort, a Moody’s Analytics company, is on a mission to digitally transform the way compliance professionals work, breaking the compromise between compliance and customer experience in the fight against financial crime.

We stop financial crime not good customers.

We enable regulated financial services companies to rapidly onboard customers then manage risk and compliance standards throughout the customer lifecycle. Our integration model enables us to ingest datasets from any provider and interoperate with any system. We help you build a data ecosystem, with pre-built connectors to more than 25 data providers and growing.

PassFort’s dynamic orchestration of customer due diligence (CDD), enhanced due diligence (EDD), Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB) and anti-money laundering (AML) workflows puts the weight of compliance activity on automation and our risk engine, not your customers.

We layer automation to speed up manual processes and remedial tasks that can’t be automated, bringing your compliance team in where they add most value for analysis, judgement and decision-making.

Born in the cloud, PassFort’s SaaS solutions are designed for the digital economy. They are hardware-free, affordable, flexible to configure and easy to use, with constant feature innovation and a choice of deployment options.

Our low to no-code solution thrives on complexity, such as multiple customer types, multiple product lines and multi-jurisdictions, solving challenges at scale without being costly to implement and evolve.

More efficiency and greater customer experiences. No compromise.

Tech Company Details
Financial Crime, Identity Verification, Monitoring & Screening
Industries Served:
Banking, Financial Institutions, FinTech
Jurisdictions Covered:
EMEA, APAC, North America, South America
SAAS (Cloud & web-based)
Supported Languages:
Regulations Covered:
Contact Details
Phone No: 020 3633 1761
Head Office
1 Mark Square
Office Location(s):
Canada, United Kingdom
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