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Quidgest´s AML solutions go far beyond the need to meet legal obligations. These tools are fundamental to ensure that terrorism is not financed and that there is no evasion of taxes, which are essential to guarantee the financial health of societies and support the most unprotected sections of the population.

Quidgest’s solution proposes three advances to the traditional modus operandi of institutions:

The decrease in false positives through machine learning, which substantially decreases the workload and, consequently, the resources needed to assess flagged cases.

The reduction of costs with initiatives to comply with published laws due to the agile nature of the platforms developed by Quidgest, whose innovative way of developing software transforms changes – whether small or considerable – into efficient processes. Added to this is the efficiency of creating new solutions.

Simple integration with existing systems.

Whether in the financial market or the regulatory environment, we understand the challenges of working in this sector, and we are ready to help organizations stand apart from the competition. Make regulatory processes faster and reduce the resources allocated to this aspect of business with Quidgest’s AML.

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Monitoring & Screening
Industries Served:
Installation (Mac or Windows), SAAS (Cloud & web-based)
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Phone No: 00351213870563
Head Office
R. Viriato 7

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