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MAR Compliance & MiFID II Research Hub

Red Deer’s Compliance Hub – combines your market abuse and communications monitoring in one responsive system.
Combining trading, communication, market events and news in one simple stream means faster resolution and a simpler workflow with lower impact on your investment team.
Adaptive rules and parameterized filtering, tailored to the specifics of your business, and a combined feed of your firm’s data all combine to deliver better accuracy, coverage and future flexibility.

Red Deer’s Research Hub
Tailored to the needs of research managers, offering a lightning fast broker vote and interaction review, together with automated reporting and seamless access to a comprehensive network of research providers. Research Hub simplifies valuation, broker vote and interaction review to reduce time spent by the Front Office.
Interaction review and broker vote can be completed in record time by your Front Office with easy-to-use bulk acceptance and responsive filtering and display. Our notification workflow alerts users to take action when needed, guiding the process to a faster completion.

Tech Company Details
General Compliance
Industries Served:
Financial Institutions
SAAS (Cloud & web-based)
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Phone No: +44 20 3023 8282
Head Office
55 Baker Street
Office Location(s):
United Kingdom

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