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The TruNarrative Platform enables multi-jurisdictional customer onboarding, financial crime detection, risk management, and regulatory compliance.

Using a single API, we can provide unified decisioning across Identity Verification, Fraud, eKYC, AML, and Account Monitoring.

Our platform consolidates these checks into a single, simple-to-configure environment, and then employs cutting-edge approaches such as machine learning and process automation to increase efficiency.

By combining your own data with 50+ third-party providers through the TruNarrative no-code interface, you can adjust rules and decisioning on the go without relying on IT personnel, lowering total cost of ownership and simplifying adoption and integration.

Based in Leeds, London and Cardiff

TruNarrative is a part of LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Tech Company Details
Financial Crime
Industries Served:
Asset Managers, Banking, Brokerages, Capital Markets, E-Commerce, Financial Institutions, FinTech, Gambling, Gaming, Insurance, Law Firms, Private Equity, Technology, Telcoms
SAAS (Cloud & web-based)
Contact Details
Phone No: 0203 887 1539
Head Office
The Leeming Building
Office Location(s):
United Kingdom

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