Thu. Jun 20th, 2019

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Innovation & Regulation in Finance



A digital world is inevitable, but trust establishment still requires offline mechanisms. We at Signzy are creating ‘building blocks for a Digital Trust system’. Such a system should 1) Uniquely identify individuals/entity and 2) Reward them for good past behavior. Most of the current KYC/AML API solutions are focusing on ‘convenience’ over security and hence are not consumable in serious applications. Our API solution enables Bank Grade digital on-boarding in real time, using artificial intelligence and advanced cryptography. If RegTech has to meet its promise, we need to surpass trust and security in offline mechanisms. This might need a mindset change and also more effort in creating solutions that meet strictest regulatory practices. But this truly will enable modern fin-tech and allow it to overtake traditional banking.

Primary activity and other services:

Client and Counterparty Identification






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