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Social SafeGuard


Social SafeGuard is a cloud-based technology that protects a company’s social assets from security threats and compliance risk factors such as malware, spam, rouge accounts, inappropriate conduct, and personal information. Social SafeGuard automates the process of identifying, remediating, and archiving the words, phrases, concepts, files, and images within a social media post that create risk for your company, in real-time. Social SafeGuard is able to monitor social media pages, individual accounts, and internal collaboration tools to ensure comprehensive compliance and security protection across all social channels. Social SafeGuard empowers companies to leverage the power of social media while simultaneously avoiding bad press, brand damage, and legal repercussions that are associated with the use of social media. Social SafeGuard also empowers companies to comply with company-specific corporate governance standards in addition to protection from industry-specific regulations such as those set forth by FINRA, SEC, FFIEC, FDA, OIG, etc.

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