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Webinar: The Relationship between Risk Management & Operational Resilience

The new Operational Resilience rules mean firms must reconsider how they adapt and respond to significant incidents.  Firms need to take a holistic view and have a plan ready to implement when those risks do crystallise.

With less than 6 months until the March 2022 milestone, how can firms leverage their existing risk frameworks to build robust business services?

In our webinar, we’ll look at the steps senior managers can take to build upon existing risk processes to enhance operational resilience.

Axiom HQ sharing our insights

Our experts consider how to improve operational resilience to help manage risks.

  • Priscilla Gaudoin, Head of Client Regulation, Axiom HQ
  • Matthew Bruce, Head of Product, Axiom HQ

To register your interest, please click here.

Priscilla Gaudoin, FICA, ACISI

Head of Client Regulation
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