10 Best Compliance Job Descriptions

Nowadays, job advertisements are here and there, on different social media, channels, webpages, and newspapers. However, companies that are in need of highly skilled employees, sometimes cannot hire the perfect fit for the company just because they do not mention what key education or background they are looking for in the job description. In order to know how to write a strong job description to hire a compliance specialist, I have covered tricks and tips by examining the case studies. 

1. Inventory and Compliance Support Specialist. Firstly, the advertisement gives information about the job and the company. This is a great introduction for a candidate to see if he/she may be interested in working in this area. The key Responsibilities section clearly demonstrates what the future employee will do or assist in the management. What is strong about this description, is that, for example, it does not say “The employee will work with IT systems”; on the other hand, it mentions “Assistance with Linus System and DOS-based”. They mention which educational level the candidate should have graduated from. Later, the main part of the job description: Listing all skills, knowledge, and abilities that a candidate should know. This part is directly related to tasks that an employee will perform. Be sure that all the skills that will be needed in the role are mentioned in this section. 

2. Senior Compliance Specialist. This advertisement is written in a more informal and friendly style. They give you a clear image of what your expectations should be like. Then, they describe what advantages will you have and also show how successful their company is in the job market. The main trick is how they show your responsibilities. They do not write “You have to be careful with this and that because you are responsible for that and it is your job to do so.”. They say “We will count on you..”. This is the spirit of teamwork, where you are one of the players and decision-makers. 

3. Regulatory Compliance Specialist. This is a very formal job description. A very strong introduction and overview about the company, its strategies, and priorities. They provide a very wide description of roles, responsibilities, and tasks of the employee, but with concrete points. For instance, you can see that you will work with the CAPA program, and for that, you need to know not only the basics but be a proficient user. However, the part that decides if you are the right fit for this position is the skills and education section. It is not covering only educational levels and some previous work experience. It details every single skill and awareness you have to master such as “ISO certified lead auditor (ISO 9001 with experience in ISO 13485 and/or ISO 14155)”

4. DOT Compliance Specialist. One of the easiest advertisements to read and acquire for a person. The structure is simple but informative. They have mentioned precisely who they are looking for and what skills they expect a candidate to have. No extra skills are added that will not be useful in the job. 

5. Early Head Start Program Compliance Specialist. This is a very catchy advertisement. They have put all information for drafting a basic job description. However, they have a section called “Nice To Haves” and “Benefits”. The first one inspires people to put some extra info about themselves in the CV such as language skills or hobbies that can be related to the job in the future when needed. The benefits part will make the recruiting process very competitive. Nobody will say no to health insurance or vacation time, right?

6. Service Quality, Risk, and Compliance Specialist (Urgent Safety). Very well-structured job description. They give information about the company, some small advertisement (update) about new benefits. The section of basin qualifications and preferred qualifications is a nice way to show that, even though a candidate may not have the perfect cv, he/she is still encouraged to apply for the job. 

7. Risk Compliance Specialist. Very detailed and massive job description, that left you without any further questions about your responsibilities. It describes which tasks you will perform after the introduction of what the business does. Good to know why and how you are asked to do any of the tasks required. Also, it mentions the social platforms that you need to have an idea about before applying for a job. Good chance to prepare yourself for the interview. 

8. Trade Compliance Specialist.A World-Changing Company” is a catchy start of the advertisement. Who won’t love to work in such a company? The content is structured in a very semi-formal and interesting to read way. Especially, the sections “What we value” and “Preferred”. Most of the points mentioned in the “What we value” section in some other company’s job description may be in the list of the required experience. For instance, project management skills. This skill is a basis for management skills, which is mentioned as a preferred one for this job. They also, without stressing it too much, mention skills in DECCS, SNAP-R, ACE that let a candidate know that they need to boost those skills without putting much pressure on them. 

9. Insurance Compliance Accountant. First what catches attention is the “Target number” section. It is good to know how many people the company is open to acquiring for a position. Good to see the main role duties in such a detailed format and to know what to expect from the job. They have put one sentence as a new section regarding licenses and certificates, which illustrates that they are taking into account the credentials of a candidate. 

10. Regulatory Affairs Leader. The description where you can see a separate section about inclusion. This is so motivational and secure. You know that alongside the everyday tasks you are performing, you are also being cared about your psychological wellbeing by being trusted equally. Also, soft skills such as communication and computer skills are mentioned under the name “desired characteristics”. 

Lavanya Rathnam

Lavanya Rathnam is an experienced technology, finance, and compliance writer. She combines her keen understanding of regulatory frameworks and industry best practices with exemplary writing skills to communicate complex concepts of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) in clear and accessible language. Lavanya specializes in creating informative and engaging content that educates and empowers readers to make informed decisions. She also works with different companies in the Web 3.0, blockchain, fintech, and EV industries to assess their products’ compliance with evolving regulations and standards.

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