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Monitoring is one of the natural fits for RegTech innovation. Transaction and client data is continuously increasing and automation is the only way to deal with risks efficiently. Initially considering only the raw data of trades and customer information, though the limitations of such an approach are obvious.
So it is not surprising that plenty of old and new firms are trying to make their mark applying tools like artificial intelligence, behavioural and semantic analytics or swarm intelligence to comb through massive amounts of data to find clues for wrongful behaviour or trends valuable for business and trading. Machines combine insights from raw client and trade data with other sources like social media.

With a large offering comes the problem to understand of who does what, so we’ve reviewed scores of companies operating in the field and came up with the following 5 Top RegTechs for Monitoring:


Offices: Based in London / UK
Founded: 2014
Description: Behavox provides a holistic view in respect of employee monitoring and risk scoring by combining internal voice and text communications as well as other internal data with external rules and risk scenarios. Machine learning helps its algorithms to compare this data and helps Compliance and Senior Management in the detection of market abuse and other illicit behaviour in real time. Backed by London-based Hoxton Ventures and Chicago-based Promus Ventures, earlier this month they bagged the Financial News Capital Markets Start-up of the Year Award.


Offices: Based in Palo Alto, Sillicon Valley
Founded: 2014
Description: Skry, which rebranded earlier this year and was formerly known as Coinalytics, brings Blockchain intelligence to compliance monitoring. While it seems at times that everyone now simply adds the magic word to get attention or sound trendy, Skry were early adopters real-time intelligence service” for Bitcoin platforms and other cryptocurrencies. Leveraging Big Data analytics and AI, their platform can be used for Compliance/AML and fraud monitoring, protection from cyber threats, or performance monitoring and trader oversight.

Skry’s rebranding reflects their ambition to their services from pure Bitcoin analytics to the wider financial services industry and though they might not have the crystal ball to foretell the future, they’re in a prime position for the Blockchain banking revolution.


Offices: Headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, with offices in Barcelona, London, Munich and New York
Founded: 2012
Description: Squirro describes itself as an advanced contextual intelligence and insights solution that allows organizations to efficiently manage and unlock the hidden value within data. Thanks to their proprietary Adaptive Search & Smart Filtering technology, they manage to analyse the majority of company data, which is unstructured and therefore difficult to access. As a result, data is put into a concept that connects the different sources, produces relevant results and delivers the right information at the right moment in context. RegTech like a Swiss watch.



Offices: Based in Chicago /USA
Founded: 2015
Description: Neurensic use pattern recognition based on machine learning to identify behaviours that pose the greatest regulatory risk to each firm. The system aggregates order message data into “clusters” of related intent, which makes it easier to visualise and understand overall trader behaviour.

Employing machine learning, its detection system trains itself to recognize high-risk activity from actual regulatory cases and investigations. Artificial Intelligence has beaten humans at chess and jeopardy, now it aims at insider dealing and market manipulation.



Offices: Headquartered in New York with offices in Latham, USA and Cluj, Romania
Founded: 2014
Description: Just a stone throw from Notting Hill Market, the guys from ComplyAdvantage offer a wide range of Compliance services to help with Client Onboarding and AML screening. But it is their monitoring solution that impressed us the most, combining the knowledge from analysing vast amounts of articles in 8 languages daily with long industry experience in the automation of monitoring. A great example of using artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics to help firms combat financial crime and prevent money laundering. That’s what investors must have thought, too, when they backed their $8.2m Series A funding round led by Balderton Capital, which they announced just a week ago.

We’ve conducted extensive research on RegTech firms that provide monitoring solutions and, as mentioned above, are well aware that there are other great companies out there that would have merited to be named, too. Let us know your thoughts on our selection or tell us if your company should been up there at info@planetcompliance.com.

Our next post of the series will look at top RegTechs for Data Warehousing and the previous articles can be found here.

Lavanya Rathnam

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