How To Effectively Manage Ohio Gaming Licenses

In the US sports betting industry, Dec 8th, 2021, became another important date in history. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed House Bill 29 to legalize sports betting in Ohio. The process is now in full swing to create a regulatory framework to manage Ohio gaming licenses. 

The Ohio Legislative Service Commission has estimated that sports betting could generate $24 million in tax revenue in its first fiscal year. Of which 50% of this revenue, by law, will go to the Sports Gaming Profits Education Fund (SGPEF) for K-12 Schools

Ohio is now the 33rd state to allow sports gambling online or brick-and-mortar. The bill will enable bars, casinos, sports teams, stadiums, and restaurants to apply for gambling licenses. The predictions are that you will be able to place a bet by Jan 1st, 2023. 

Setting up new rules and regulations will take some time. Sen. Kirk Schuring said, “We want to get this up and running as soon as possible, but we’re building a whole new industry.” Bettors, legislators, and sportsbooks all hope the process will be quicker than predicted, but time will tell.

What Happens Next In Ohio?

Some processes are already in place. A nine-member Select Committee on Sports Gambling and Problem Gambling will investigate problem gambling and funding. There will also be a Joint Committee on Sports Gaming. This committee will track the implementation of sports gaming across Ohio.

There will also be several funds alongside the SGPEF, such as the Sports Gaming Tax Administration Fund (SGTAF), Sports Gaming Profits Veterans Funs (SGPVF), and the Sports Gaming Revenue Fund (SGRF), amongst others.

The Ohio Casino Control Commission will regulate everything. The Commission will start to accept applications in the summer or fall of 2022. The licenses will last for five years and are in three different categories: 

  • Type A for mobile app and online betting  
  • Type B for brick-and-mortar stores 
  • Type C for businesses working with an unlimited number of bars and restaurants

Planet Compliance asked Chris Olytan, CEO from Compliable, what this means for Ohio. Chris said, “Ohio is going to be a very exciting jurisdiction based on the licensing structure they have already set up. There will be a lot of opportunities for various stakeholders to participate in the market, from large retail sportsbooks to mobile operators to in-person wagering at smaller venues. A huge population coupled with a large number of operators means a lot of opportunities for newer players in the market to make a splash.”

How To Manage Your Sports Gaming License In Ohio

In Ohio, the regulatory framework is still a work in progress. But sports gaming licenses and regulations are notoriously hard to manage as a rule. Like other industries, laws and regulations change, and it is challenging to stay up to date. 

The Benefits Of A Gaming License Platform

Using technology can be a smart way to manage your gaming licenses and cut stress. Gaming License platforms can make the process easier and help you stay compliant. Here are a few of the benefits of using a gaming license platform:

  • The platforms have up-to-date information on the latest laws and regulations.
  • Automation can help you avoid potential problems of human error.
  • Save time by filling everything in online. No worries about having the correct form. 
  • You can duplicate your information for new documents and save more time.
  • Up-to-date information on hand to show to the regulators.

Gaming License Management For Ohio

The gaming industry in Ohio will be new, and the regulations will be strict. Gaming companies will need to show regulators that they are 100% compliant. Gaming license management can be tortuous if you handle it all manually. Automating the process will make it far more manageable. 

If you automate everything, submitting forms to the regulators is easier. You can also instantly check the status of any license. Also, gaming license management systems are encrypted, so your data is always secure. This type of system helps you to demonstrate the transparency of your data. 

Compliable Is Helping Businesses Manage Gaming Licenses

Compliable is already helping businesses handle their gaming license management. Chris Olytan told Planet Compliance how they are proactively helping companies with their legal obligations.

“While the regulators are hard at work drafting proposed rules, the exact nature of the licensing forms and application process has not yet been laid out. Compliable is actively tracking this state so that we can assist interested parties with their license applications as the dust settles. 

Part of our job is to make sure we understand the licensing requirements to automate and deliver the tools our customers need to operate in compliance. As we continue to learn more, we’re happy to share our learnings. After all, everyone has to get licensed, and the process might as well be as easy as possible. If you’d like to know more, you can always ping us at or visit our website.”

The Future Of Sports Gaming And Licenses

Regulatory requirements can take a heavy toll on your business. Therefore, take the potential sting out of the tail and make things easier for yourself. If your company wants to secure a license in Ohio, use a gaming license platform to help you. It will save you from working your way through endless paperwork. Automation helps you access everything you need all in one place. 

Regulators may push for “trailer” legislation in states that have sports betting already. It will ensure that more revenue goes to sports funding. This extra funding will always be welcome in local communities. It can also help boost the sports industry. Gaming revenue from new states that legalize can also go to their local community sports programs. 

Sports gaming could skyrocket in Ohio due to its population and passion for sports. It might take some time yet to set everything up. But the regulatory framework is on its way. Ohio will not be the last state to legalize sports betting, and it will be interesting to see who will come next. It’s fair to say that the future of sports gaming in the US looks bright.


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