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  1. What can you tell us about your company and your products & services?

Aquis Exchange PLC is an exchange services group, which operates a pan-European cash equities trading exchange (Aquis Exchange) and develops and licenses exchange software to third parties (Aquis Technologies).

Aquis Technologies is the software and technology division of Aquis Exchange PLC. It creates and licenses cost-effective matching engine and trade surveillance technology for banks, brokers, investment firms and exchanges.

Aquis Technologies offers a suite of trading, surveillance and financial software and a suite of services for businesses seeking to operate a public exchange or an internal matching system. The Company’s multi-asset class market surveillance system is also available as a stand-alone service, ideally suited for trading firms that need to monitor their own trading activity on a real-time and T+1 basis. All of the technology has been developed in house.

The services range from hosting models including SaaS, exchange operations and 1stline surveillance where Aquis’ experienced and authorised exchange operations and surveillance teams take an active role ensuring customers’ markets are operated and surveilled to the same standard as it’s own MTF.
Aquis Technologies’ products are fully compliant with  a wide range of regulatory standards globally including the latest UK and European regulatory requirements and in South Africa. They are designed to be updated in line with the constantly changing regulatory environment globally.

  1. How came you up with the idea and what drives you?

Subscription pricing is something that is transforming may industries currently. An example is the music industry and Spotify. Aquis’ subscription pricing model is unique in the financial industry and drastically reduces the marginal cost of trading on Aquis Exchange. Aquis is determined to transform the financial services industry with its world leading in-house developed technology and innovative business ideas.

  1. What is it that makes your company different from others?

Partnering with Aquis Technologies means firms will engage with an industry expert how is also an active practitioner engaged with running Aquis Exchange’s MTF. This means we understand client requirements and can actively contribute in formulating new innovative ideas and finalising designs

  1. Where are you based?

In the City of London, close to Bank tube station

  1. When was the company launched?


  1. What traction have you made? Can you tells us about your biggest achievements so far?

Aquis has a range of clients it is proud to partner with:

A2X in South Africa is seeking to challenge the status quo in the local securities market and start to compete with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange
UBS MTF in London required a real time and flexible market monitoring and surveillance solution to enable new business initiatives

A global options market maker and a proprietary energy trader both needing a real time trading surveillance solution to monitor algo activity across the markets they trade

EIX in London, a very innovative start-up exchange launching a new type  of financial product for trading aimed at funding and investing in infrastructure and estates projects has decided to rely on Aquis’ full suite of products and services for its in-cloud operated exchange including exchange operations and 1st line surveillance.

Archax is creating an institutional investor grade crypt exchange and have opted to partner with Aquis to build a high volume low latency exchange based in London and relying on Aquis’ full suite of products and services for its exchange including market operations and 1st line surveillance.

  1. What advice could you give to other entrepreneurs and start-ups?

Don’t give up! It’s taken Aquis 5 years to get to this stage.

  1. What can you tell us about your team?

Based in London, the Aquis team is made up of a highly skilled group of professionals, all with extensive experience in exchange and trading surveillance technology and an excellent track record in delivering advanced and stable systems.

  1. What’s next for your company?

Continued growth of exchange market share and expansion of its exciting technology business.

  1. How do potential customers and investors get in touch with you?

Phone: +44 203 597 6341

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