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  1. What can you tell us about your company and your products & services?

Keesing Technologies started as a traditional publishing company back in 1923 providing printed editions of international banknotes and identity documents until the beginning of the 21st century.
In 2002 Keesing Technologies shifted successfully to digital publishing by providing the Keesing Documentchecker Databases covering passport, identity cards and driving licenses from more than 209 countries to governmental institutions and a growing number of financial institutions.

Recently Keesing Technologies began another impressive transformation into a software service provider that is able to capitalize on its unrivaled knowledge on international identity documents for the purpose of identity proofing by combining biometric checks with ID Document verification based on the Keesing Documentchecker Database.

  1. How came you up with the idea and what drives you?

Keesing Technologies has a unique legacy by helping global organizations to verify the identities of their clients, visitors, travelers or citizens since 1923.
What drives us today is to successfully proceed in the digital world with this legacy by releasing our Keesing AuthentiScan WEBAPI where we combine biometric checks with ID Document verification based on the Keesing Documentchecker database.

  1. What is it that makes your company different from others?

Based on the DNA of our company and our core competence – the largest and most comprehensive database of international identity documents “Keesing Documentchecker” – we understand identity documents like no other company in the market. We add best of breed solutions from 3rd parties for biometric verification to our offering, in order to serve the needs and requirements of our customers and the market.

In order to securely verify the authenticity of an identity document and reliably extract the data you need to know the identity document in detail and that is exactly the distinctive advantage  that Keesing Technologies has. On a global scale.

  1. Where are you based?

Keesing has since its inception its roots in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
In 2016 we have opened next to our Amsterdam office a sales office in Connecticut, The United States from where we serve our clients in North America.

  1. When was the company launched?

Keesing has been launched in 1923.

  1. What traction have you made? Can you tell us about your biggest achievements so far?

Keesing is proud of its existing global client portfolio servicing a clientele ranging from startups to multinational corporations and governments, helping them to assess and verify the identities of their clients, citizens, guest or travelers on a daily basis.

  1. What advice could you give to other entrepreneurs and start-ups?

Our advice is to clearly communicate the values of your company to the market and to live up to them without hesitation.
At the end it is not about how you started, but how you finish….

  1. What can you tell us about your team?

Based on Keesing’s growth our team has doubled over the past years and now consists of professionals representing 12 different nationalities while maintaining our Dutch DNA.

We are especially proud that each of our team members brings a special expertise and energy to our company which helps us tremendously to evolve as a company every day.

  1. What’s next for your company?

Keesing Technologies will enhance its portfolio by adding safe and secure user authentication to its AuthentiScan portfolio with the ambition to expand further into the digital identity space.

  1. How do potential customers and investors get in touch with you?

Our team in Amsterdam is always happy to host you at our office and to show you around our operations. Feel free to make an appointment via:

And if a visit is not possible you can always schedule a webinar.

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