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Welcome to the PlanetCompliance LegalTech Directory, the Who is Who in #LegalTech!

Find information on almost 500 LegalTech firms and solutions. The companies are categorised into 10 different categories and you can find the definition for each category here. You can filter the results by Name, Category, Country, or perform a keyword search.

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AccessDataE-discoveryAccessData Group has pioneered digital forensics and litigation support for more than thirty years.USA
Access SolicitorLegal marketplaces and NetworksAccess Solicitor provides a comprehensive set of multimedia guides alongside an unbiased directory of all solicitors and lawyers operating within the UK.UK
AdviceSceneLegal Services Real answers from real legal experts.USAAdviceScene
AdvocadoDocument managementPractice management SaaS offering client portal, payment systems, and document management.Germany
Aggregate LawLegal marketplaces and NetworksAggregate Law quickly and efficiently connects skilled project attorneys to legal work.USAAggregate Law
AgileLawDocument managementElectronic Exhibit Management for Busy Litigators: Review, annotate, and share document exhibits from anywhere.USAAgileLaw
Allegory LawDocument managementCollaborative litigation management software that automates everyday tasks and connects case documents to build the story. USAAllegory Law
Alt LegalIP supportAlt Legal is a cloud-based software that makes it easy for IP professionals to prepare and manage copyrights, trademarks, and patents. Our software automatically updates case statuses and deadlines, seamlessly collects key details, and instantly generates IP filings.USA
AnydocsDocument managementAnyDocs is a solution that automates the creation of documents of virtually any complexity. Complemented by a customer portal and dynamic intake questionnaire, businesses can interact with customers, collect information, and rapidly generate documents of any type.USA
ApeerGeneral LegalTechApeer is an app for attorneys that quickly gets court appearances covered by well-qualified special appearance attorneys and provides tools to collaborate and communicate on the matter.USAApeer
AppCollIP supportCloud based patent management system.USA
ApperioPractice managementA powerful, smart-analytics dashboard that gives corporate legal departments real-time transparency on legal fees.UK
Arbitrator IntelligenceGeneral LegalTechArbitrator Intelligence aims to promote transparency, fairness, and accountability in the selection of international arbitrators by increasing and equalizing access to critical information about arbitrators and their decision making.USAArbitrator Intelligence
KelsenGeneral LegalTechCategorizes large volumes of unstructured legal data, interprets phrases structure and evaluates possible answers to provide suitable answers to legal questions posed in natural language.USA
LegalUpLegal marketplaces and NetworksLegalUP connects anyone with legal needs with an online community and handpicked lawyers thanks to Uber-like technology. (France)UK
DetavueLegal Services Detavue is a document analytics SaaS platform built upon data science and natural language processing to accelerate manual processes and find more needles in more haystacks.USA
Authentic8 SiloGeneral LegalTechProtect against all web-borne threats with the most secure browser available.USAAuthentic8 Silo
Avtal24Legal Services Document automation
AvvoLegal marketplaces and NetworksAvvo helps people find and connect with the right lawyer through industry-leading content, tools and
AvvokaContract managementContract automation for busy legal and commercial teams.
AxiomLegal Services Axiom is the global leading alternative legal services provider. With over 2,000+ employees across three continents, we provide talent and technology to help legal departments adapt to a demanding new era.USA
Bankruptcy AnywhereLegal Services Bankruptcy Anywhere is the only free online bankruptcy petition generator. USA
BarProseGeneral LegalTechInstantly analyzes a student’s bar essay writing and tells him or her what areas need improvement.USABarProse
LawyerTimePractice managementLawyerTime is the web based billing and timekeeping software for the legal profession.UKLawyerTime
BeagleContract managementBeagle helps companies follow their own rules or the ones set out by a regulatory agency. Canada
BinaDoxIP supportBinadox helps you track and manage software license compliance and usage to avoid costly violations and optimize software costs and utilization efficiency.USABinaDox
Block NotaryLegal Services Block Notary app allows you to store the digital fingerprint of your photos in the public ledger called the blockchain. Think of it as a notary for the digital age. USA
Blue J LegalGeneral LegalTechBlue J allows you to simulate the judgment of a court in a new situation. CanadaBlue J Legal
BluetreeLegal marketplaces and NetworksAn Internet platform that facilitates the connection between people looking for attorneys and attorneys in their area. The goal of the company is to make finding an attorney as easy as possible.USA
Bootstrap LegalGeneral LegalTechSoftware that automates the drafting of complex legal paperwork for those raising capital for real estate projects of $2 million and under. USABootstrap Legal
BriefmineLegal ResearchProvide lawyers with a cost-effective, intuitive and more efficient way to conduct legal research online.USA
BrightflagPractice managementNext generation legal spend analytics.USABrightflag
LegalShinePractice managementLegalshine is a new way for organizations to manage and control legal spend. Ireland
BusquedaLegalGeneral LegalTechThe first all-in-Spanish platform that helps the fastest growing demographic in the United States (the Latino community) find quality legal information and assistance from verified private attorneys,
BusyLampPractice managementHelps clients collaborate more effectively with outside counsel, save time and reduce overheadGermany
Legislative ExplorerLegal ResearchA one of a kind interactive visualization that allows anyone to explore actual patterns of lawmaking in Congress.USA
ElexirrLegal Services Chat bots to answer legal questions and algorithms to predict case outcomes.UKElexirr
CaseFleetPractice managementCaseFleet is a powerful cloud based case management software that simultaneously streamlines litigation and business development workflows. The product is the first legal management solution that utilizes data visualization to organize all relevant case details, hone in on relevant information or trends and track key deadlines - helping lawyers win more cases. USACaseFleet
CaseFoxPractice managementProvides  a cloud based multi-user Legal billing and case management software.USACaseFox
CaseFunderFinancingCasefunder helps justice seekers tell a compelling story to give them the best chance of generating interest, raising funds, and raising awareness about their legal issue.Australia
Case GlideLegal Services Litigation software analytics and automation platformUSA
CaseHubFinancingThis is what CaseHub does: we crowdsource legal battles, and take a payout of the winnings or settlement sum. Each case is financed by law firms or external investors who are given a percentage of the
CASEpeerDocument managementInnovative personal injury case management software designed to grow your business.USACASEpeer
CaseRailsDocument managementThe CaseRails legal document automation platform helps lawyers draft perfect legal documents.USA
CaseSyncPractice managementPratice management software.USA
CasetextLegal ResearchThe best legal commentary, integrated with primary legal documents. Available to the public, for free.USA
Catalyst Repository SystemsE-discoveryCatalyst designs, hosts and services the world's fastest and most powerful document repositories for large-scale discovery and regulatory compliance.
Challenge The FineLegal Services Service to challenge parking tickets.UK
BoundlessGeneral LegalTechBoundless is an immigration application that makes it easier for immigrants to the U.S. to complete paperwork. USABoundless
CicaydaE-discoveryExperts In Cloud-Based Software and Services, Experts Helping Experts.
CiteGuruLegal ResearchCrowdsourced legal researchUSA
ClaimAirLegal Services ClaimAir is a mobile app that helps air travelers all around the world to master their rights and collect compensations for flight disruptions easily on the go.Czech Republic
ClaimKitDocument managementService that makes it easy to copy the documents and data needed to manage claims or litigation.USA
ClairvolexIP supportClairvolex manages IP assets for large corporations with innovation at their core, using a unique IP Asset Management (IPAM) model.
ClariLegalE-discoveryTrusted e-discovery marketplace.USAClariLegal
ClausehoundContract managementClausehound is disrupting the legal industry by offering lawyers and business owners an online, customizable, drafting and review tool for contract clauses.Canada
Clausehound Inc.Document managementFaster smarter legal drafting.CanadaClausehound Inc.
ClauseContract managementThe platform for smart legal contracts. Created the world's first data-driven and IoT-enabled legal
ClauseMatchContract managementClausematch is an enterprise platform for negotiation and management of smarter contracts.UK
ClearAccessIPIP supportIntegrated patent data helps keep your workflow on pace with your practice. Events, notices, documents, and deadlines are automatically added to your docket and calendar when they're released by the PTO. USA
ClearContractContract managementBringing simplicity, security and visibility to the contracting
ClerkyDocument managementUse Clerky to get your paperwork out of the way so you can get back to building your company. USA
Client Chat LIveGeneral LegalTechLive chat services for attorney websites.USAClient Chat LIve
ClientBatchGeneral LegalTechClientBatch is a data comparison service that provides lawyers and law firms immediate notifications when former clients are involved in car accidents or criminal incidents.USA
ClosingFoldersPractice managementCentralized, automated, closing checklists. Canada
CloudLawyersLegal marketplaces and NetworksOnline Legal MarketplaceUSA
CloudLegalLegal marketplaces and NetworksCommercial, SME focused legal support consultancy, user-friendly #business templates, lawchats and quotes from #UK #Lawyers for #entrepreneurs, #startups
ContractExperienceContract managementContractExperience helps businesses centralize contracts storage in a single online or on-premise repository, strengthen compliance, reduce legal risks, improve business relationships and performance, automate and accelerate the contract-management lifecycle and procurement process, and more. USAContractExperience
Codify Legal PublishingGeneral LegalTechCodify Legal Publishing is transforming the way businesses, law firms, and regulators approach law. Our team of legal and technical experts specialize in the automation of legal tasks, making legal data digitized and intelligent, and services simple and cheap. With automation we streamline processes down from months or weeks to hours or seconds!CanadaCodify Legal Publishing
CogniaLawLegal Services Cognia Law is a next generation alternative legal service provider focused on providing consulting and high quality outsourced legal services.UK
JurispectGeneral LegalTechRegulatory analytics for companies.USA
Concis_lyDocument managementThe slickest, most accurate way to draft and review contracts. A bit like SwiftKey for Lawyers!UK
Conduit LawLegal marketplaces and NetworksExperienced and effective lawyers acting as your embedded in-house counsel. Canada
ContracteoContract managementSimplifier et fiabiliser le processus de rédaction du contrat de travail en intégrant dynamiquement les spécificités règlementaires et conventionnelles.France
ContractinboxContract is your B2B Deal-Leads and Global eContracts Finder. We connect users and providers of deals, paperwork and services. Propose or find what you need and eContract across world markets in minutes. UK
Contract PodContract managementContractPod is an easy to use, intuitive and affordable single touch point document and contract management solution on the cloud.UK
ContractRoomContract managementNegotiate less. Agree more.USAContractRoom
ContractWorksContract managementThe easiest, most secure contract management software.USAContractWorks
Contrato RapidoDocument managementOn-demand legal documents.Brazil
CosmoLexPractice managementA web-based law practice management software that integrates time tracking, billing, business and trust (IOLTA) accounting, calendaring, and task & doc mgmt.USA
Counsel on the goLegal marketplaces and NetworksCounsel On The Go is a portal that connects clients with our network of independent attorneys. We provide our clients with access to flat fee legal services, transparent pricing, and without billable hours.USA
CounselyticsGeneral LegalTechCognitive augmentation to tackle the entire contractual genomeUSACounselytics
CourtsdeskLegal ResearchCourtsdesk is Ireland's leading legal data and news service, used by
CrowdDefendFinancingCrowdDefend is a new crowdfunding platform exclusively for the legal space.USA
CrowdJusticeFinancingCrowdJustice is a crowdfunding platform specifically for legal cases that combines tech and community action to democratize the justice system.USACrowdJustice
CrowdLawFinancingCrowdLaw is a scalable web platform used by advocates and clients get the funds they need through easy-to-launch crowdfunding campaigns.USA
CrusoeGeneral LegalTechCrusoe is a note-taking Evernote app for researchers, writers, students, professionals, and thoughtful readers that not only lets you create two-way links between notes, but actually lets you navigate your notes along these connection-pathways.  In Crusoe, you can never lose your train of thought because that’s exactly what Crusoe saves.USACrusoe
CS DiscoE-discoveryE-discovery platform.USACS Disco
CuroLegalPractice managementHelps legal professionals become more efficient and productive at serving their clients and developing a successful and fulfilling law practice.USA
ClearView SocialDocument managementThe easiest way to get your team sharing onlineUSAClearView Social
DataNovoIP supportDataNovo Offers Keyword-Free Prior Art Search, Product Assessment on Infringement, and Legal Analytics on Every U.S. Patent.USADataNovo
Directive Communication SystemsGeneral LegalTechTechnology has made lives easier, however, for trusts and estates it has created a growing $7 trillion dollar problem. Directive Communication Systems, is the first and only technology-based solution streamlining and networking digital asset and online account directives management. DCS provides an easy use to platform for identifying, organization and cataloging digital assets in preparation for estate affairs.USADirective Communication Systems
Modus eDiscoveryE-discoveryBusiness Intelligence for the Legal
DivorceifyLegal marketplaces and NetworksWe are building a curated online marketplace for divorce services.  USADivorceify
docassembleGeneral LegalTechA free, open-source expert system for legal services and others to use to create guided interviews and document assembly.USAdocassemble
Docket AlarmDocument managementDocket Alarm brings all of your active cases together online or on your mobile device, automatically sends you litigation alerts, and helps you reduce legal costs. Docket Alarm's API can automate court docket tracking and research.USA
DocketHeroLegal marketplaces and NetworksDocketHero is creating opportunities for lawyers, law students and other heroes to help law firms get things done. Heroes will handle one-off tasks or ongoing projects. USA
Local Counsel CollectiveLegal marketplaces and NetworksLocal Counsel Collective is an SaaS company that connects large, high volume law firms with rural solo attorneys around the country who serve as local counsel for short judicial hearings. We focus on governmental regulatory compliance and employ crowd-sourcing & gamification to ensure quality results in a timely, cost-effective, manner.USA
DocketDocument managementOnline platform for documentation and registrations. IndiaDocket
DocracyDocument managementOpen collection of legal contracts and the best way to negotiate and sign documents online.USA
DocRunDocument managementCustom contracts at the touch of a button.USA
DocuCollabDocument managementA modern document collaboration platform that simplifies your life, helps your team finish documents faster and saves thousands of hours.USADocuCollab
DoxlyLegal Services Doxly transforms the client and law firm’s experience by bringing efficiency, transparency, and order to the legal transaction process. Doxly shifts transaction management from a cost center to a profit center.USADoxly
DraftLawGeneral LegalTechDraftLaw is the online word processor for litigation attorneys.USA
eBreviaDocument managementeBrevia uses machine learning to automate contract review in due diligence, lease abstraction, contract mgmt, & doc drafting.USA
eDepozeGeneral LegalTecheDepoze is a cloud-based litigation software system that replicates the tried-and-true paper deposition exhibit process electronically and securely, using an iPad interface.USA
Esq.meLegal marketplaces and NetworksEsq.Me is a legal platform for lawyers to connect, share legal documents and expand their professional network at a click of a button. Esq.Me strives to make legal research cost effective and time efficient, allowing for more client intake and faster legal services. USA
EsqSocialLegal marketplaces and NetworksEsqSocial allows networking and referral sharing opportunities. In addition, members are given full access to the searchable pleadings and documents database and job and legal service listings.USA
esquifyDocument managementEsquify employs machine learning technology to modernize the manual portion of legal document review. With Esquify’s productivity tech, clients gain access to automated reviewer supervision, integrated communication tools and up-to-the-minute data on all aspects of their document review including individual reviewer productivity, team performance and case projections. The tool has been shown to improve review efficiency by 25-40 percent, while driving cost savings by as much as 45 percent.USAesquify
EverchronDocument managementEverchron provides a collaborative litigation management platform for legal teams to discuss, exchange, analyze and act on key documents, facts, witnesses and information across all their matters.USAEverchron
EverlawGeneral LegalTechBuilding the world's most advanced litigation platform, beginning with ediscovery, by making cutting-edge technology accessible with elegant, intuitive design.USA
ExperdocsDocument managementOffers the most easy to use document and image organization software. The platform was created for experts, attorneys and other professionals whose core business operations require scalable and flexible document management systems.USA
Fair DocumentDocument managementProvides affordable access to lawyers and allows users' easy control over all their legal documents.USA
FarewillLegal Services The smartest way to make your
FilevinePractice managementFilevine is cloud based software that manages case activity for attorneys and staff.USA
Firma.deLegal Services While using our company founding service our customers are provided with legal consulting by an attorney. Furthermore we provide a free partner database of lawyers in the whole of Germany including a search for specialization. Our latest product is going to launch very soon. It is a contract generator which provides automatically generated and legally binding statutes for founding a GmbH, UG etc. and other forms of contracts as
FirmzenPractice managementFirmzen is elegant practice management software that handles workflow management, office automation, clinet collaboration, document management and invoicing for your firm.India
FixedLegal Services The easiest way to fix a parking ticket.USA
FlatLawLegal marketplaces and NetworksFlat rate legal services marketplace.Canada
flightrightLegal Services Online enforcement of claims against airlines regarding delaysGermanyflightright
FoxwordyLegal marketplaces and NetworksThe First Private Social Network for Lawyers. Liberating lawyers all over the world to engage with each other anonymously and get more done now.USA
Free Law ProjectLegal ResearchProviding free access to primary legal materials, developing legal research tools, and supporting academic research on legal corporaUSA
FactBoxPractice managementTelling Stories from Voluminous and Complicated DataUSA
JuroContract managementThe smart way to manage contracts. Supercharge your workflow and build better experiences with
LawftyPractice managementA mobile/web Pay-Per-Click marketing platform that efficiently drives leads to small personal injury firms.USA
Dragon LawDocument managementCloud software for legal and business documents, enabling fast production of custom documentationHong KongDragon Law
ZygosPractice managementCloud-based legal practice management software.CyprusZygos
ClioPractice managementWeb-based practice management for solo lawyers and small law firms. USA
Route1Legal marketplaces and NetworksAn online marketplace connecting lawyers and legal employersUKRoute1
JustLegalLegal marketplaces and NetworksJustLegal (formerly Lawbooth) enables clients to find attorneys and book a free initial consultation in under 60 seconds. Choose to meet in person, over the phone, or via Lawbooth's secure video conferencing.USAJustLegal
HeadnoteDocument managementBuilding The Case For Streamlined Payments, Engagement & Case CollaborationUSAHeadnote
HelloSignContract managementFast, secure, and legally binding e-signature service.USA
Hire an EsquireLegal marketplaces and NetworksHire an Esquire enables law firms and in-house legal teams to find, manage and pay a team of contract-based attorneys on demand.USA
Conveyancing SupermarketLegal Services We offer our conveyancing comparison engine to estate agents and mortgage advisers as a whitelabel solution. We also welcome solicitors to join our panel and benefit from referrals.UKConveyancing Supermarket
HoopolLegal marketplaces and NetworksHoopol es la primera y más grande plataforma de servicios legales en línea en México.Mexico
HotshotGeneral LegalTechModern learning for legal.USAHotshot
iNationDocument managementOne of the world's first secure, distributed, and cryptographically verifiable store of legal documents. iNation is the first company to address the coming unbundling of the government services market.USA
Inlaw.meLegal marketplaces and NetworksAn online marketplace for law-related jobs that directly connects legal employers and top lateral candidates. For access, employers pay an annual subscription fee, though it's free to use for candidates.USA
Innovation Asset GroupIP supportWorld-Class Intellectual Property Asset Management Software.
IntelligizeLegal ResearchIntelligize streamlines agreement preparation, reduces the SEC review process and mitigates filing risks.USA
InTouchPractice managementInTouch provides the automation tools for you to run a more effective, more profitable conveyancing practice. UK
IntraspexionGeneral LegalTechIntraspexion uses a Deep Learning algorithm to act as an early warning system, alerting corporate counsel to internal litigation risks in near real time.USAIntraspexion
vrsusDocument managementLegal case management software for law firms.USAvrsus
IubendaDocument managementUsers can generate a professional, lawyer-crafted, customizable, self-updating privacy policy and request customizations or the crafting of terms & conditions thanks to a worldwide network of local attorneys.Italy
IudicaGeneral LegalTechVirtual arbitration court for e-commerceGermany
JammedUpLegal marketplaces and NetworksFind legal representation.USA
Jarvis LegalPractice managementMobile and intuitive cloud application for legal professionalsUSA
jEugenePractice managementQuality assurance for law firmsUSA
Cognitive Legal SupportLegal marketplaces and NetworksSupporting and facilitating the business of law practice through temporary legal staffing.USACognitive Legal Support
JuralioPractice managementJuralio: software to help lawyers and their clients collaborate more effectively.UK
JurilyticsLegal ResearchJurilytics uses technology to provide litigators with access to peer reviewed science – to help them have the best science on their side, rather than simply having an in-court “battle of the expert witnesses” that might not in the end produce the scientifically-appropriate result.USAJurilytics
JuristatIP supportPatent analyticsUSA
JuritoolLegal ResearchJuritool is a new legal analysis and knowledge compilation platform. Juritool enables lawyers to accurately find, structure and organize legal knowledge. Juritool is a paradigm shift in lawyering. It contains powerful functionalities such as automatic processing of legal documents, interactive legal diagrams, holistic information search and Case DNA.BelgiumJuritool
Get20Legal marketplaces and NetworksOn-demand attorneys for startups and small businessesUSAGet20
JusticeBidLegal marketplaces and NetworksStrategic Sourcing: Advancing Legal ProcurementUSA
JusticeFundrFinancingJusticeFundr is a crowdfunding platform for public interest litigation.USA
Justice ToolboxLegal ResearchWebsite uses data mined from official state court records to compute and display how many cases a lawyer has won and lost and the lawyer’s approximate win rateUSAJustice Toolbox
JustlyPractice managementStandardize legal business operations. Our analytics make legal spend more predictable and legal budgets more accurate. USAJustly
KeeklaLegal marketplaces and NetworksKeekla is the mobile first marketplace for Legal TalentUK
KiraSystemsDocument managementSoftware helps review contracts faster & more accurately, automatically reading agts for user-specified provisions.Canada
KLDiscoveryE-discoveryKLDiscovery provides technology-enabled services and software to help law firms, corporations, government agencies and consumers solve complex data challenges.USA
Droid TechLegal ResearchDroidLaw is the #1 legal reference provider on Android's mobile/tablet platform. The free application provides the federal rules, RSS feeds and other reference materials.USA
ContractStandardsContract managementOur Framework is a universal structure for clauses in all contracts. It allows you to organize clauses for easy reuse across contracts and helps organize contracts in a structured, logical manner.USA
Lateral.lyLegal marketplaces and NetworksFind and apply to the best legal jobs in a few clicks.USA
Law Plain and SimpleGeneral LegalTechWe're on a mission to make law as plain and simple as possible.UKLaw Plain and Simple
LawVuPractice managementImagine being able to instruct, scope, allocate budgets, measure current and future spend and view all legal matters across your organisation, in one place.New Zealand
LawcadiaLegal marketplaces and NetworksLawcadia provides web-based procurement tools to help companies manage their outsourced legal work.AustraliaLawcadia
LawcusPractice managementThe only legal practice management software with integrated CRM and Kanban Boards to visualize matters. USA
LawdealLegal Services LawDeal lets you create personalized legal documents. For FREE. In 2 minutes or less. No lawyer required.USA
LAWfoneLegal marketplaces and NetworksWith the LAWfone app, you can have a Video consultation with an experienced attorney in your state immediately at the push of a button.USA
Lawful.lyLegal takes the mystery out of understanding legal agreements and legal language by educating users through the use of crowdsourced annotations, video vignettes, and other scholarly and non-scholarly content.USA
LawGeexContract managementContract analysis.USA
LawgerLegal marketplaces and NetworksLawyer bidding.USA
LawgicalPractice managementFocused on providing online marketing and web-based solutions for legal service professionals.USA
LawGivesLegal marketplaces and NetworksLawGives is building an entirely new kind of marketplace for legal services where knowledge is shared within trusted communities, both publicly and privately.USA
LawHawkLegal Services LawHawk provides automated legal document templates to lawyers, helping them to deliver law@speed.  As well as its own library of automated documents, LawHawk can automate a lawyer’s own precedents.  LawHawk is powered by HotDocs cloud services.New ZealandLawHawk
LawKickLegal marketplaces and NetworksLawKick makes it easier than ever to find legal help that meets your needs and budget. You simply answer some questions about your legal needs and receive personalized price quotes from qualified lawyers nearby.USA
LawMixerLegal ResearchLaw Mixer is a website that efficiently links people, attorneys, and the law. Uses advanced text, context, and machine learning analytics to quickly (1) perform multi-dimensional assessments of legal data collections, (2) intelligently sort legal information into themes, and (3) group highly-correlative data. USA
LawPalPractice managementA cloud-based workspace for planning, executing and tracking a transaction, allowing lawyers and clients centralized access to all documents, communications and
LawPathLegal Services LawPath is Australia's largest and leading online legal platform for businesses.Australia
LawPayGeneral LegalTechLegal credit card processingUSA
LawPitchLegal marketplaces and NetworksPost your legal job and get bids from lawyers near
LawpolisLegal marketplaces and NetworksLawpolis is a community by lawyers for lawyers. Share and use practical legal resources like how-to guides, forms and examples; showcase your expertise; build a professional profile; and form sound referral networks.USA
TrebuchetLegal marketplaces and NetworksTools & resources to catapult your legal career!USA
LawStud.ioLegal marketplaces and NetworksAllows businesses to post their legal needs online and lawyers to bid on the legal work through a closed bidding model.USA
The Law Superstore Legal marketplaces and NetworksTLS is the UK’s 1st Legal comparison website to compare legal service providers based on price, location and more.
LawTakeLegal Services Self-help legal videos and formsUSA
LawToolBox365Practice managementCase deadline add-in for Microsoft Outlook 365.USA
LawTovaLegal marketplaces and NetworksHire freelance legal professionals and also use its platform to manage cases.USALawTova
MicroLegal Services This service allows individuals and businesses to get answers to legal questions via email within 24 hours for a flat fee as low as $20.USAMicro
LawTradesLegal marketplaces and NetworksA marketplace for businesses in need of specific legal projects performed by vetted, freelance-attorneys at guaranteed fixed prices.USA
LawyeredLegal marketplaces and an interactive service provider where indivisuals can find, compare, and hire lawyers/law
LawyerFairLegal marketplaces and NetworksLawyerFair is a legal comparison and procurement service dedicated to the commercial
LawyerfyPractice managementA platform that helps lawyers and their clients communicate, collaborate and coordinate more effectively with each other. Lawyers can confidentially share information with their clients and continually receive feedback using theirs services.USA
LawyerLinxLegal marketplaces and NetworksCanada's link to great lawyers and legal solutionsCanada
Lawyer upLegal marketplaces and NetworksLawyerUp will get experienced, pre-screened, quality legal representation for you in 15 minutes. Guaranteed.USA
Legal Document ServerDocument managementLegal Document Server (LDS) is an online case management and electronic service provider. Managing and serving legal documents during litigation could not be easier through our innovative, yet user-friendly web-based platform.  Streamline your cases by managing and serving your documents online.USALegal Document Server
LegablyLegal marketplaces and NetworksAttorneys use Legably to find flexible employment, project-by-project and client-by-client.USALegably
Legal.ioLegal marketplaces and NetworksWe're building the largest global legal referral network. USA
Legal MonkeysDocument managementWe exist to create records management tools that save you both time and resources.USA
Legal AtlasLegal Services International legal information service and consulting firm whose mission is to support the development of better laws and legal institutions around the world.Spain
LegalbaseLegal Services Legalbase enables businesses and individuals to solve their legal tasks. With simplicity, transparency, and
CitepadGeneral LegalTechA virtual keyboard designed just for lawyers.USACitepad
Legal ClimateLegal ResearchLegalClimate gives you personal injury awards and injury data at your fingertips. USA
LegalCrunchLegal Services Providing an easy path to expunge your entire criminal record. USA
LegalCrystalLegal ResearchIndia's Most Powerful Law Search Engine. Search over a million Supreme court, High court, Tribunal court, Privy council cases...India
Legal DictionLegal Services Would provide Corporate Laws Consultancy services by web and app based platform to our clients. The Product would reach to customers who can place their queries and get consultation based on SMS, Email or even can get written opinions from us. The Services is initially restricted to India and would like to expand to the different countries in second
LegalerGeneral LegalTechVideo chatAustralia
Legalesign.comGeneral LegalTechProvider of Electronic Signatures for
Legal HeroLegal marketplaces and NetworksPre-vetted lawyers, enabled by efficiency-driving technology, all at fixed prices posted online for the world to see.USA
LegalibooDocument managementLegaliboo is a web platform that lets you get custom contracts and legal documents immediately and online.Spain
LegalincGeneral LegalTechWe completely automated and streamlined the business formation process to help save you time and money. Entity Management, Registered Agent, and Compliance all accessible through one online dashboard.USALegalinc
LegalMattersLegal Services Protecting estates and finances. Delivering fixed-fee legal advice & help for families, businesses and individuals.
Legal MonitorLegal ResearchIntelligence & Analysis for Legal
Legal PublishGeneral LegalTechLegal Publish is a cloud-based marketing platform dedicated to helping law firms execute their digital strategies.USALegal Publish
Legal Services LinkLegal Services Legal Services Link provides you with the tools you need to find the perfect attorney for you in the way that works best for you.USA
LegalSifterGeneral LegalTechLegalSifter has a singular goal - to bring affordable legal services to the world by empowering people with artificial intelligence. LegalSifter (the product) allows people to negotiate with speed and confidence with the help of our Sifters and the advice of your leaders and lawyers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.USALegalSifter
LegalTrekPractice managementTake charge of your law practice with the one solution that does it all.Germany
LegalVisionLegal Services LegalVision is a rapidly expanding law tech startup in Australia, providing fast and affordable legal services to clients all over the nation. Through our online platform we offer specialist advice on employment, trademarks, business structuring and franchising. AustraliaLegalVision
LegalZoomLegal Services LegalZoom is a trusted technology platform that gives the world access to professional legal advice. USA
LegifyDocument managementLegify makes legal services affordable and accessible. Consumers and SMEs create free legal documents and consult lawyers at the best rates through secure video and our collaborative text editor.Germany
LegistifyLegal Services At Legisitfy, we want to make legal easy, fast and simple and most of all approachable by making it available to more people than ever before. India
Legitimo AppDocument managementLegítimo allows you to make simple contracts on your smartphone in under 1 minute, in English or Spanish.USA
LeGuardGeneral LegalTechAn industry-changing technology that gives corporate legal departments LIVE visibility into outside counsel activities before they are initiated and into spend and activity as it accrues. LeGuard also provides law firms with LIVE updates of activities, spend, and budget, that enable them to maximize their team’s utilization, reduce write-offs and non-billable hours, be up to the minute on revenue and budgets, and strengthen their client relationships through greater transparency and communication.USALeGuard
VakilsearchLegal Services India's favourite destination for online professional
Lex ConnectPractice managementThe Lex Connect Solutions Directory is a free resource designed to help Law Departments identify the most suitable vendors to solve their challenges. UK
LexSpringPractice managementLexSpring Legal Intelligence™ helps digital technology companies minimize legal risk, maximize legal protection and leverage the law to optimize business value.USA
LexalgoGeneral LegalTechWe automate decision making by developing decision clusters, comparable to those of Neota Logic.GermanyLexalgo
LexGoLegal marketplaces and NetworksThe portal for the legal community - legal jobs online - offres d'emploi juridiques - juridische vacaturesBelgium
LexicataPractice managementCloud-Based Client Intake and CRM Software for Law FirmsUSA
LexikinGeneral LegalTechYour assets, securely recorded. Keep track of everything important throughout your life and ensure those precious things are left to the people who matter. UKLexikin
LexooLegal marketplaces and NetworksGet multiple quotes from talented business lawyers and pick the right one.UK
LexopPractice managementService for managing litigation timetables.Canada
LexSharesFinancingFund plaintiffs in commercial lawsuits for a share of the potential settlementUSA
LexStepLegal marketplaces and NetworksLexStep is an online platform designed exclusively for top lawyers which makes it easier for the best candidates to connect directly with the best law firms without the need to use a third party recruiter. UK
LibryoLegal ResearchNow it's easy to know the law that applies to your business, in every jurisdiction #legaltech #lawSaaSUK
LinkilawLegal marketplaces and Networks#Startups need good contracts. Lawyers charge crazy rates. Linkilaw is the Legal Platform for Startups - and we offer you smart and affordable #legal work.UK
LitagilityIP supportLitagility’s BridgeIP and BridgeIndex applications are a combination of productivity, analysis and management tools designed specifically for patent litigation. The applications serve as a centralized and secure mechanism that captures the litigation team’s analysis, strategy and key work product.USALitagility
XrefDocument managementXRef is a sophisticated drafting aid that assists lawyers in quickly and accurately checking for various drafting errors.USA
LitigoPractice managementLitigo provides case management to attorneys, like Salesforce for attorneys and their cases, saving them time and money.
LogikcullDocument managementLogikcull gives legal professionals, like attorneys and paralegals, an easy to use and powerful document discovery platform they can access from anywhere. Logikcull processes and organizes your documents into easy-to-find categories.USA
Legal RaastaLegal Services is a technology platform to simplify legal and business related matters. India
MeilleursHonoraires.comLegal marketplaces and NetworksA web platform that allows any user (natural or legal person) to select a lawyer through a tender procedure. The user receives, free of charge, within three days, all anonymized flat-rate offers issued by registered lawyers.
MetaJureDocument managementAutomated document & email management developed by lawyers for law firms & departments.USA
MinorityCounselorTV.comLegal marketplaces and Networks The single credible source for communities, corporate and government legal departments  to locate diverse
MobileCounselLegal Services Provide instant legal advice to your clients without sharing your personal phone number. All messages are instantly transcribed and available for billing and case files.USA
myBarristerLegal marketplaces and NetworksmyBarrister is the leading online platform for Direct Access Barristers. We match the legal needs of businesses and individuals with the skills of leading barristers, enabling the client to find precisely the legal expert they need. myBarrister makes it possible for individuals and businesses easily to reach a barrister who can solve their legal problem quickly, efficiently and
MyCase, Inc.Practice managementWeb-based legal practice management software for the modern law firm.USA
My Coverage PlanGeneral LegalTechA series of products developed by a law firm to help health care providers connect patients to insurance resources and to educate various parties to identify, secure and optimize health care coverage. USAMy Coverage Plan
Law ScoutLegal marketplaces and NetworksLaw Scout is Canada's first online platform connecting small businesses to legal services at upfront, fixed fees.Canada
MyLegalAdviserLegal marketplaces and NetworksMyLegalAdviser is an online legal marketplace based in the UK making it easy for consumers and businesses to find a lawyer. Clients post a job on our site and within hours we match them with the best quotes from the hundreds of rated lawyers on our service.UKMyLegalAdviser
PracticeProGeneral LegalTechPracticePro is a San Francisco-based legal education startup. Through training, coaching, and technology, it strives to change the way new lawyers learn to practice law and make their transition to practice easier. USAPracticePro
Name WardenPractice managementAutomated trademark docketing and defensive monitoring, trademark business development data serviceUSA
ThreadKMPractice managementTeam chat and project management for lawyers.USA
NextChapterGeneral LegalTechBankruptcy software for attorneys.USA
Next PointGeneral LegalTechDiscover the facts in your case in minutes.USA
NiftDocument managementNift is a software platform with a set of tools to make contracts easier to understand and navigate for your consumers. We are reimagining
NotarizeLegal Services The online notary service that's valid in all 50 states.USANotarize
NoticeConnectLegal Services NoticeConnect is a platform for individuals and businesses to post legal notices online.CanadaNoticeConnect
Novus LawDocument managementWe focus exclusively on providing corporations and law firms with document management, review and analysis services for document-intensive matters.USA
Off the RecordLegal Services Off the Record is a free service that makes it super easy to fight your traffic tickets. Snap a photo of your ticket and answer a few questions. You'll be done in under a minute. No mailing in your ticket. No court date. USA
Settlement AnalyticsLegal Services SettlementAnalytic is a quantitative economic research and advisory firm, focused on litigation valuation, settlement optimization and legal claims risk management. UK
OrattoLegal marketplaces and NetworksOratto’s mission is to connect consumers with the right lawyer for their needs and to generate work for lawyers which they are highly competent
Overflow CounselLegal marketplaces and NetworksExperienced freelance lawyers and JDs for firms and in-house legal departments. USA
PacerProLegal ResearchPacerPro gives unparalleled access to data from the federal court system, and mines it for insights. USA
PagemapContract managementA secure online tool for faster review of contracts with unique search and collaboration tools, and automated warnings for integrity issues.New ZealandPagemap
Page VaultPractice managementPage Vault enables anyone to easily save and print webpage content (social media, corporate websites, blog posts) in a way that is forensically defensible.USA
PandaDocDocument managementAll-in-one software to create, deliver, and manage your team’s quotes, proposals, contracts, and other sales collateral.USA
Contract ToolsContract managementA Microsoft Word add-in for contracts.USAContract Tools
Paper SoftwareContract managementPaper Software is the developer of Turner for Mac and Contract Tools for Windows PCs, both powerful tools for creating and analyzing contracts.USAPaper Software
Parley ProContract managementNegotiate better contracts fasterUSAParley Pro
PatdekLegal ResearchFind, markup, and share patent documents.USA
PatentBuddyIP supportPatent AnalyticsUSA
Patent MonkLegal ResearchTeaching the patent world a whole new style of kung fu, with a modern reading experience like none
Peppermint TechnologyPractice managementThe new wave cloud platform for UK law
PercenseoLegal marketplaces and NetworksPercenseo enables document review professionals, contract lawyers and temporary paralegals to connect directly with legal services clients on an intuitive purpose built platform.UK
Pittsburgh Startup LawLegal Services Startup legal services.USA
Picture it SettledGeneral LegalTechThe planning tools allow users to fine-tune their target settlement and project what impact a particular move might have on the round before making it.USA
PingalawyerLegal marketplaces and NetworksA secure web-based application that connects small to medium sized law firms with the people who need their
PitBullTaxGeneral LegalTechThis is an online software for tax resolution professionals, mainly Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents and Certified Public Accountants. In short, it allows the tax professional to organize, analyze, work and solve their clients' tax debt situations efficiently, as it includes all the tools they need to do the job. In addition, the software can be enhanced with add-ons according to the professional's needs.USAPitBullTax
PlainSiteLegal ResearchOn PlainSite, the world is in plain sight.USA
PracticePantherPractice managementSimple and secure law practice management software for lawyers and firms. Case management, time tracking, & moreUSA
PracticePanther Legal SoftwarePractice managementSimple and secure law practice management software for lawyers and firms.
PreciselyContract managementAligning law and technology to revolutionize the handling of contractsSweden
PremonitionGeneral LegalTechPremonition is an Artificial Intelligence system that mines Big Data to find out which Attorneys usually win before which Judges. It is a very, very unfair advantage in Litigation.USAPremonition
PrimaFacieDocument managementImmigration case management with a full array of autofilling forms.USAPrimaFacie
Priori LegalLegal marketplaces and NetworksPriori Legal makes the process of finding, hiring and managing lawyers fast, transparent, and cost-effective.USA
ProAnnexUsLegal marketplaces and NetworksProAnnexUs is a reliable and intuitive way to find, contact, transact with, pay and review lawyers and accountants in your area.UK
ProsperowarePractice managementConnects the business and practice of professional services.USA
Push to StartGeneral LegalTechPUSHTOSTART allows startups to predict their legal spend with accuracy while ensuring that they maintain the highest level of legal protection. PUSHTOSTART also optimizes the startup to receive VC funding.USA
PushLegalLegal ResearchSource for Statutes and Cases in a Mobile AppUSA
QdiscoveryE-discoveryMake Your Case. eDiscovery and forensics in one solution. Analytics are essential.USA
QuantumJuristGeneral LegalTechQuantumJurist, Inc. is a LegalTech consulting and technology venture, dedicated to creating efficiencies in the legal services industry through the development and deployment of cutting-edge solutions, including machine learning, cloud computing, blockchain and more. USA
rangefindrLegal is a tool to help lawyers and judges find criminal sentencing ranges in seconds instead of hours.Canadarangefindr
RavelLegal ResearchRavel focuses on visualization-based search of legal data.USA
Ravel LawLegal ResearchRavel is a legal search, analytics, and visualization platform.USA
RECAP the LawLegal ResearchBrowser extensions that improve the PACER experience while helping PACER users build a free and open repository of public court records.USA
RelativityE-discoveryDelivering smarter and faster ways to work, like preserving exactly what you need from Microsoft SharePoint.USA
CavoryPractice managementCloud Based Legal Practice Management Software built for your Modern Law Firm.USACavory
Rocket LawyerLegal Services Rocket Lawyer is the only integrated cloud legal service, making the law simple and affordable for
RSVP LawLegal Services We curate free law and legal resources for your requests.USA
Ruby DatumContract managementRuby Datum offers the next generation in online data room and contract management
SavvyDoxDocument managementSavvyDox provides secure document distribution and collaboration aligning with the benefits of a face to face meeting. Reviewers provide suggested changes and author controls document content as well as distribution. SavvyDox includes the first viable replacement for Word Track Changes while using Word.CanadaSavvyDox
The Trademark Search CompanyLegal ResearchThe Trademark Search Company (TTSC) is one of the most widely trusted TM search and watch service globally.USA
SeedLegalsContract managementSeedLegals is transforming the legal process for startup funding rounds.
VisuuDocument managementVisuu is an online platform for consulting documents with the right lawyers. It matches your needs with the right lawyers based on the document you uploaded or scanned.USA
JuriBotGeneral LegalTechArtificial intelligence application to predict criminal trial outcomes. NetherlandsJuriBot
DavidGeneral LegalTechDavid’s vision is to use math and code to level the playing field for consumer rights. To succeed, we'll need to solve hard technical problems, ranging from automating the detection and depiction of misconduct, to building repeat-player advantage for our users through data analysis (likely including NLP), to seamlessly integrating deep legal research into turnkey products. Despite the complexity in the background, we will need to offer our users delightfully simple UX and design.USA
Separate.usLegal Services guides you through the divorce process and handles the details for
ShoobxLegal marketplaces and NetworksShoobx is the one place where entrepreneurs, lawyers, investors, and board members can come together to generate, review, approve, and execute company documents. USAShoobx
SimpleLegalPractice managementModern Matter Management, legal spend management, eBilling, and Accruals software without all the overhead of yesterday's software.USA
Smart ContractContract managementSmart Contracts have the ability to automatically verify their own performance using realtime data feeds like GPS, site traffic, search engine rank, IoT, and any other data feed which two parties can agree on as an objective measure of performance. USA
Starting LegalDocument managementContratos y Documentos legales para tu StartupSpain
Homebuyer ConveyancingLegal marketplaces and NetworksHomebuyers and Investors selling, buying, remortgaging UK property can in just one search find a competitive conveyancer online to manage their property legals. We open the door to a true comparison service. Filter results by price, location and by Mortgage Lender.UKHomebuyer Conveyancing
SupraLegal ResearchAs a service, Supra enhances legal research by making (and measuring) relationships between laws, rules, decisions, justices and other data.Philippines
TagDoxDocument managementTagDox helps knowledge workers in their daily jobs also using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine
TalifdPractice managementProductivity assistant that allows lawyers to track time using voice commands through Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled devices.USATalifd
TermsFeedDocument managementPrivacy policy generator.Global
TestMaxGeneral LegalTechA startup seeking to disrupt standardized education with a mobile-first approach. Currently, it focuses on the LSAT, law school and the bar exam. USATestMax
AirHelpLegal Services Service to recover compensation if your flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked. AirHelp handles your claim on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis. All you have to do is send the required information through the app and we will make sure you receive the compensation that is rightfully yours. USA
thedocyardGeneral LegalTechthedocyard is a global deal management platform in a single integrated solution that empowers teams, drives productivity and manages risk. Australia
KnomosLegal ResearchMapping a Knowledge Network of the Law. Canada
LawdingoLegal marketplaces and NetworksLawdingo gets people a lawyer right when they need one. We get lawyers the clients they need to grow their practice.USA
GadflyDocument managementGadfly's first product, LeasePilot™, is a software platform for institutional landlords designed to simplify and expedite the documentation and negotiation of commercial leases. There are a number of tools that exist to facilitate the commercial leasing process, however, LeasePilot™ uniquely brings together attorneys and business people, from both the landlord and tenant, onto one platform to eliminate some of the most pervasive bottlenecks that interfere with closing
The Link AppPractice managementClient communication service for law firms.UK
Third Way LegalLegal marketplaces and NetworksThird Way Legal is an online network connecting top lawyers and the businesses that hire them.UK
ThoughtRiverContract managementThoughtRiver is revolutionising the way businesses make contractual
Ticket WarriorLegal Services Parking ticket challenge service.Canada
PingPractice managementPing is automated timekeeping for lawyers that will automatically track, categorize and describe all of a lawyer’s billable actions.USAPing
TinyTermsContract managementTinyTerms is a modular system that lets you build beautiful, simple legal documents.USA
TitanFileDocument managementSecure enterprise file sharingCanadaTitanFile
Top Class ActionsLegal ResearchHelps consumers find, submit claims for, and receive compensation for every class action settlement they qualify to participate in, as well as connect with attorneys who can help them seek remedies for grievances involving consumer products, drugs, medical devices, employment issues, and more.USA
Terms of Service; Didn't Read Legal Services User rights initiative to rate and label website terms & privacy policies, from very good Class A to very bad Class E.Global
Legal ForceIP supportManages applications for the registration of a trademark in the US through Trademarkia.USA
Trademark NowIP supportProvides an intelligent web-based trademark management platform that is used by enterprise companies, law firms and branding agencies for instant trademark search and watch results.Finland
TraklightGeneral LegalTechOur software is a simple, automated, cost-effective way to identify potential legal issues and minimize business risk. USA
TraktiContract managementTrakti is a peer to peer cloud-based business negotiation and contract management platform supporting the entire lifecycle of your commercial
TrialDroneLegal ResearchSocial media intelligence for trial lawyers.CanadaTrialDrone
TrialLineGeneral LegalTechTrialLine is a cloud-based mediation, trial presentation and story telling timeline tool for law firms that want maximum insight into their cases. USATrialLine
TeleborderLegal marketplaces and NetworksThe new way to hire, manage, and retain international employeesUSA
TrusteSolutionsDocument managementBankruptcy case management system for trustees.USATrusteSolutions
Tunnel XGeneral LegalTechSecure, private conversationUSATunnel X
TurboPatent IP supportReinventing the patent process with
ModriaGeneral LegalTechModria is the fast and fair resolutions company for businesses and government agencies.USA
UnitedLexGeneral LegalTechUnitedLex is an enterprise legal services provider that drives digital transformation throughout the corporate legal
Unlock The LawLegal marketplaces and NetworksUnderstand your legal problem and solve it today. Save on legal fees and find the best lawyer for you.UK
UpCounselLegal Services Through UpCounsel, businesses can access high quality, on-demand and cost-effective independent legal professionals for ad hoc or ongoing legal relationships.USA
UpSolveLegal Services Automated pro bono Chapter 7 bankruptcy.USAUpSolve
ValcuLegal Services Startup incorporation and corporate management made simple. USA
VisabotGeneral LegalTechA bot to assist with visa applicationsUSAVisabot
VizlegalLegal ResearchVizlegal is a legal research software startup based in Dublin. We want to index and graph the relationships of all the world's legal information. We want to empower lawyers through a community of legal professionals who share and learn from that information.Ireland
vLexLegal ResearchGlobal legal research
vlex_esLegal ResearchSomos una plataforma online que te permite buscar contenido jurídico desde un único buscadorSpain
VoltaireGeneral LegalTechVoltaire is the go-to service of choice for legal professionals everywhere, who need to instantly search for information on potential jurors and other individuals related to their cases.USA
CaselinqLegal Services Caselinq is web-based software made for lawyers to analyze and prepare their cases for trial and settlement. It allows lawyers to input facts, witnesses, exhibits,and issues and combine and analyze to come up with witness direct and cross examinations for deposition and trial. The product is collaborative, so clients can login too and assist in the analysis and preparation of their
WevorceLegal Services Divorce advice and support.USA
Witnex.comLegal marketplaces and NetworksFind and collaborate with top-tier expert witnesses
WordrakeDocument managementEdit for clarity in Microsoft Word and Outlook.USAWordrake
XakiaDocument managementCorporate legal department matter managementAustraliaXakia
yurJURYGeneral LegalTechyurJURY is the premier provider of virtual mock jury panels, mock trials & focus groups USA
ZapprovedE-discoveryZapproved is the leading ediscovery software provider for managing corporate litigation
ZokuVaultDocument managementZokuVault is a secure, online safety deposit box that allows users to organize, store and share important documents with their family members and trusted advisors. Stored items can include estate plans (wills, trusts, powers of attorney), financial information, insurance details, online accounts, final wishes and tax records. The platform is built so that estate planning attorneys can provide a new service that adds value, guidance and billing opportunities with their clients, while giving family members an easier way to deal with the burdens that come with complicated estate management. USAZokuVault
Zola SuitePractice managementLaw practice management.USAZola Suite
Bridge USGeneral LegalTechTop attorneys and easy-to-use software that make immigration delightfully simpleUSA
ClearNDAContract managementClearNDA is a secure online interface for the creation, negotiation, and execution of Non-Disclosure Agreements.USA
PactSafeContract managementA cloud-based contract management application which not only manages and tracks your website legal agreements, but also ensures they are presented in a manner to maximize enforceability.USA
ShakeLawContract managementFree legal agreements and signature service.USA
ClearpathDocument managementClearpath Inc. is revolutionizing the immigration filing process, just as TurboTax transformed tax filing.USA
Pontual ExpressDocument managementA document management system for law firms.Brazil
VaultSwapE-discoveryTool for efficient discovery exchange.USA
CourtReaderGeneral LegalTechCourtReader enables lawyers in Israel to open digitally-signed e-mails from the court system on their smartphone.IsraelCourtReader
Courtroom InsightGeneral LegalTechCourtroom Insight is committed to improving communications about and between litigation professionals. Our knowledge management platform significantly improves upon the archaic system of sending email requests for information. We seek to expand our unique content and services within the legal industry to become the premier destination for information about litigation service providers.USACourtroom Insight
DeftrGeneral LegalTechNamed for the dynamic tax ledger used by the Ottoman Empire, Deftr helps legal and professional service firms focus on high-level, strategic work by leveraging artificial intelligence to automate manual work. From tax law and IRS guidance to corporate structuring and financial regulations, we enable users to navigate legal complexity and understand its practical consequences intuitively, simply, and cheaply.USADeftr
Estate MapGeneral LegalTechEstate Map helps you create a comprehensive map of your most important information, assets, and wishes; keeps it safe; and then selectively shares it with others at the time you choose (now, if you become disabled, or after your passing). USA
Legally Inc.General LegalTechLegally Inc. has its eyes set on launching its first product that tackles issues surrounding access to justice; that is Take Charge. Take Charge is to be a chatbot that helps to fight your traffic ticket. Walking you through the process of getting a court date and getting ready for court.CanadaLegally Inc.
JuryAceGeneral LegalTechNo more stickies, scribbles on the margins of juror forms, precipitated decisions, or confusion. Face the jury selection process armed with a rich voir dire resources, collaboration support for partners and staff, and an intuitive and productive workflow.USA
IPStreetIP supportSemantic patent search, claim text analytics, automated due diligence, and clean patent data all available at an API endpoint.USAIPStreet
LawboothLegal marketplaces and NetworksLawbooth enables clients to find attorneys and book a free initial consultation in under 60 seconds. Choose to meet in person, over the phone, or via Lawbooth's secure video conferencing.USALawbooth
DealSheetLegal ResearchDealSheet is a database of deals completed by investment banks. Initially focused on banks with media sector practices, searching DealSheet is free.USA
FastcaseLegal ResearchFastcase is the premiere American provider of online legal research.USAhtttp://
Safe Gun TravelLegal ResearchInforms, educates and protects firearm owners of the laws and guidelines of traveling within America, while safely exercising their 2nd Amendment rights.USA
TOSbackLegal ResearchEvery day, we check the Terms and Policies of many online services to see if any of them have changed. Global
CryptonomicaLegal Services Cryptonomica is the global database of verified identities with service for signing electronic documents and online dispute resolution.UK
ArbiClaimsLegal Services Resolve small claims disputes online. Without having to go to court.USAArbiClaims
Statera LegalLegal Services Provides virtual legal support services to law firms and legal practitioners in New Zealand. New ZealandStatera Legal
TKBTLegal Services Legal drafting tools.Australia
Notary4RotaryLegal Services Document notarization via cellphone. Global
HabeasLegal marketplaces and NetworksCompare attorneys with exclusive data on their clients, references, transactions, services, and fees. USA
Wire LawyerLegal marketplaces and NetworksThe platform allows insourcing, outsourcing and referral fee management- enabling firms to maximize their revenue.USA
CapacityHQLegal marketplaces and NetworksHire experienced consultant lawyers for your businessAustralia
LawyableLegal marketplaces and NetworksMarketplace for legal services in South Australia.Australia
MatterdotsPractice managementMatterDots automatically logs time spent on every activity in a attorney's daily routine.Brazil
Legal Interactive ServicesLegal Services Serving public with real-time legal advisory services at an affordable fee makes LIS Live an all-encompassing platform serving public and lawyers. The platform provide real-time service through telepresence, video chat, webinar, webcast, web conferencing, live-cast, unicast, multi-cast, and on-demand streaming, presentation, virtual board room and file share management. Empowering attorneys engage with own clients in secured confidential settings while reducing carbon foot-print and cost makes our tech service attractive.USA
NexLPGeneral LegalTechNexLP's artificial intelligence solution, Story Engine, gives legal teams the ability to apply their expertise at unprecedented scale. Our technology uniquely combines behavior and emotional analysis, unsupervised content classification and natural language processing to help users navigate unstructured data (emails, text messages, legal documents, etc.) and identify case-relevant facts in seconds instead of hours or even days.USANexLP
Contract-LiveContract managementContract Live brings contract management out of the Stone Age by helping companies manage all contracts throughout all lifecycle stages on an entirely intuitive, cloud-based
EgreeContract managementContracts signed using have the same legal validity and enforceability as traditional contracts. Sweden
LawbotContract managementLawbot analyses and reviews legal agreements automatically. USA
DocasaurusDocument managementDocasaurus lets lawyers automate their legal documents so they spend less time drafting and less time in Microsoft Word.USA
DocEx LegalDocument managementDo you know who opens the documents you email, how many times they were printed, or to whom they have were forwarded? DocEx protects and controls access to documents in-transit through a single, secure, easy-to-use, and cost-effective cloud-based solution. Perfect for any practice area where sensitive documents are shared with experts, co-counsel, clients, and others, DocEx users maintain full control while managing and tracking forwards, views, prints, downloads, and all other actions.USADocEx Legal
SecureRunnerDocument managementSimple, secure & trackable delivery of documents that replacescostly mail & messenger services. USA
Mighty FinancingMighty is on a mission to help millions of injured plaintiffs get a better deal from the justice system. USA
PrivacyPalGeneral LegalTechEnter any website address to get a quick, simple overview of its Terms of Service.Portugal
TycheGeneral LegalTechTyche helps stakeholders in legal claims estimate the value of those claims.USA
1LawGeneral LegalTechArtificial intelligence for legal websitesUSA1Law
AlgoValueGeneral LegalTechOnline business valuation platform.USAAlgoValue
Betterbail.orgGeneral LegalTechStreamling the process of making
Case StatusGeneral LegalTechCase Status is an app that enables clients to view what is going on in their case in real-time.  It enables clients and attorneys to message each other through the app, it allows clients to refer their attorneys to others with a click of a button, and it allows clients to view the stages of their case so they know what to expect next.  Furthermore, it alleviates the communication gap between attorneys and clients, while saving attorneys hours of time each week talking to their clients (which is huge in the contingency fee space).USACase Status
Juris LoopGeneral LegalTechLawyers and patented technology combine to give fast, clear and accurate guidance in a natural language environment. LOOP is a mobile solution available anywhere and at any time to provide instant help needed to: address a legal dilemma, learn what steps to follow, or chat with licensed attorneys on demand.USAJuris Loop
LegalOpticsGeneral LegalTechAlgorithmic grading of attorneys and judges based on real-world court data. Our attorney data portal offers granular  state-court level data analysis. USALegalOptics
SeRiouSGeneral LegalTechA tool that maximizes law students' learning by using a special algorithm that tells them just the right moment to study.  Users learn about 3x as much information in less time, and they can do it all from their iPhone.USASeRiouS
YoCiergeYoCiergeGeneral LegalTechYoCierge is a provider of technology and information security services for law firms. Offerings include business communication tools, record retrieval services and information security consulting.USAYoCiergeYoCierge
GracularIP supportGracular is a SaaS web-based solution that provides real-time patent analysis to help businesses instantly valuate and monetize patents.USA
How Much To Trade MarkIP supportEasily calculate the rough cost of registering a trade mark using this handy tool USA
IP SharkIP supportAutomated MAP, Trademark & Counterfeit ProtectionUSA
BlastyIP supportBlasty lets content owners search for copies of their content on Google and remove illegal search results on the fly - with just one click. USA
Patent Action ForecastIP supportCompletely understand your patent dispute before you pay a settlement, hire an expensive lawyer or compromise your case.USAPatent Action Forecast
ZhiguoguoIP supportZhiguoguo wants to help businesses preserve their IP with free trademark registration and affordable legal services
MatterhornLegal ResearchMatterhorn provides comprehensive databases, analyses and reports of publicly filed information—transforming the way research is integrated into deal strategy, structure, planning and negotiation.USA
LexRoll.comLegal ResearchLegal research portal with case law, law dictionary, and law help center.
QuaeroLexLegal ResearchStreamline your research and writing efforts through the use of the multitude of unique functions provided by QuaeroLex Desktop Organizer ('QDO') - an innovative and unparalleled research management and analysis system.USAQuaeroLex
BestLawLegal ResearchA browser extension to add the features Westlaw forgot. Add to Google Chrome. Bestlaw adds features to WestlawNext to make legal research more
Chapter 11 DocketsLegal ResearchChapter 11 Dockets is optimized for the unique needs of bankruptcy practitioners.USA
JudicataLegal ResearchA legal research startup that uses highly specialized case law parsing and algorithmically assisted human review to turn unstructured court opinions into structured data.USA
PacerDashLegal ResearchSearch tool that can locate any bankrupty, civil, or criminal case in federal district court.USA
Wiki Law SchoolLegal ResearchCrowdsourced legal resource.Global
CaseGlideLegal Services Transforming litigation into a profitable engine for business intelligence, industry analytics, and operational efficiencies.USACaseGlide
FairSplitLegal Services Dividing assets in death, downsizing or divorce is stressful, time consuming and often emotionally destructive – We want to help divide things, not families.USAFairSplit
Foundation Software GroupLegal Services Foundation Software Group is a developer of next-generation software for large law firms. The company is led by an accomplished team of professionals who have a proven track record of success in law firm application development. The company’s flagship offering is Foundation Experience Management, an enterprise software platform that helps firms leverage their collective work experience and the expertise of its lawyers.USAFoundation Software Group
LegalEagle.ioLegal Services is the easiest way for attorneys to provide virtual consultations online. Our service includes video calling, real-time document sharing and fee payment, and much more - all in a streamlined package delivered through your desktop web browser (and mobile apps coming soon)
SupportHoundLegal Services SupportHound is a spousal support calculator that uses real cases to calculate how much and how long a spousal support award should be. (Only for Oregon.)USASupportHound
KaanoonLegal Services Legal advice from top-rated lawyers in India. India
TerminisLegal Services Protects the legal conditions of your website to make your online business more secure and to improve your conversion rate.Spain
Who Needs LawLegal Services Advisers for startups and entrepreneurs.UK
Crowd & Co. Legal marketplaces and NetworksConnecting you to the legal crowd.AustraliaCrowd & Co. 
LawTapLegal marketplaces and NetworksLawTap is an online legal booking engine and lawyer directory that connects clients with lawyers, making it easy to find a lawyer and book online instantly to get legal advice anywhere, any time.AustraliaLawTap
BlueStylusPractice managementTime and billing and document management for small firms.  Optional automated Pacer downloads, right into your case files.USABlueStylus
Case.onePractice provides advanced tools to keep control of all your legal proceedings – case management, customer management, document management, generation of performance reports, tasks, time management, billing, and more. Organize all of your legal work in a secure cloud.
MatterbasePractice managementFully customizable Knowledge Management System which allows access to your data in a searchable format and enables automated reporting for business intelligence.USA
Time59Practice managementThe #1 web-based billing software for solo and small law firms.USATime59
OurDealContract managementYour one-stop contract marketplace. Create, customize, send and store any contract, any time.Australia
ReplyToSomeDocument managementA Microsoft Outlook Add-In designed to prevent lawyers and other professionals from accidentally emailing the wrong people.USAReplyToSome
Ink Document managementWith Ink, all you need to do is answer a few simple questions, and you'll have a solid legal agreement that covers everything you need.USA
LawCanvasDocument managementWith the LawCanvas app you can create your own legal documents quickly and easily.Singapore
LegalFundingCentralFinancingLegal Funding Central streamlines finding a litigation funderUSA
SyngrafiiGeneral LegalTechSyngrafii provides the proprietary option of executing original biometric ink signatures onto hard copy or electronic documents when and where you want. CanadaSyngrafii
Trending LawGeneral LegalTechTrending Law analyzes client alerts to discover new and popular topics among big law firms.USATrending Law
LexStartGeneral LegalTechAsesoría jurídica accesible para emprendedores, startups y pymes en México.Mexico
SiaroLegal ResearchSiaro is an online platform that allows you to gather all relevant client information prior to initial consultation in divorce and separation cases. UK
RossLegal ResearchROSS is a digital legal expert that helps you power through your legal research.India
TabulawLegal ResearchTabulaw is an open, collaborative platform for legal research.USA
DoNotPayLegal Services Bots to address various legal problems, including parking tickets and more. UKDoNotPay
SwiftcourtLegal Services Solving your legal disputes quick and dirtySweden
JuxtaLegalLegal Services Fixed cost legal comparison UK
CaseloopLegal marketplaces and NetworksFree nationwide lawyer-to-lawyer directory matched with referral tracking software.USACaseloop
Should I SignLegal marketplaces and NetworksShould I Sign is an online legal marketplace that helps individuals and businesses connect with pre-vetted attorneys. Should I Sign's mission is two-fold: (I) helping clients obtain services in a transparent environment, and (II) utilizing technology to make it easier for attorneys to find new clients without significant cost as well as reducing associated administrative
CaseEdgePractice managementMore than just law practice management, your entire firm can access legal research, e-Signature, expert witness profiles and build a pleadings library. CaseEdge helps you build your virtual law office.USACaseEdge
SoftplanGeneral LegalTechSoftplan a brazilian company that is working in the digital transformation in the country. In the Legal segment, we are the Latin America market leader in technology for Justice. To make a faster and more transparent Justice, our solutions are being developed with Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Jurimetrics.Brazil
Summary JudgmentPractice managementSummary Judgment® is a case and practice management system designed by a working lawyer for working lawyers.USASummary Judgment



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