When Do You Need an Extended Software Development Team?

When Do You Need an Extended Software Development Team?

Choosing the right software development partner is vital for the success of every business. You need to hire the best talent for making your business successful. For that, you need extended help from time to time.

By extending your software development team, you do not need to worry about your software development process. You can effectively manage it in-house, with a highly skilled software development team.

In this case, you have to extend dedicated development team. This way, you can add an extra edge to your portfolio.

What are the top 6 reasons to extend your development team?

The extended team model approach differs from outsourcing as you do not give the entire project to another firm. Your in-house team and extended development team can share it among themselves. This will increase the productivity, capability, and flexibility of your team. Let us see how an extended software development team can help you to achieve this:

1.    Higher Trust Levels and Better Teamwork

A software development team allows you to maintain stable workflows. It can balance your time and effort by distributing tasks between team members. Everyone can work synchronously and without interruption in the processes. This will speed up your project and improve the trust level among the members.

Clear vision and good communication can increase the chances of your success in software development. Therefore, make sure to communicate with your development team in such a way that they can effectively fulfill your project requirements. Provide them every single detail about your project and clarify their doubts if they have any.

Assigning suitable project roles will ensure the successful completion of the project. You can also check whether your software development team is following the necessary protocols and development processes.

Your core team can easily delegate all minor projects to the extended software development team. It also allows you to work on your projects without hiring extra staff.

2.    Faster Time-to-Market

The major benefit of having an extended development team is that your software development team does not have to juggle with a lot of projects.  As a result, the team will fully concentrate on your project and do the work quickly and efficiently.

It will help you to keep end-users engaged in the application development process. It will help you to meet business expectations speedily that can reduce your time to market drastically.

Software development teams can provide you the benefit of virtualizing their development and test environments or use a cloud service. A software development team will use regression testing to handle the transaction load.

3.    Business expansion

A dedicated software development team can extend your business across the globe by diversifying your workforce. It also provides you a strategic advantage compared to offshoring development services.

There are instances when your in-house software development team would be working on an important project with a tight deadline. In this case, the extended software development team can help you to divide your workload so that your in-house software development team can efficiently finish their existing project. Your team can efficiently handle different tasks at the same time.

Making the final decisions becomes an easy task with a single entity in charge and others present to follow that decision. Thus, there will be no conflict of interest. This will increase the overall productivity of your employees.

4.    Constant product improvement

An extended software development team allows you to explore new markets. It also allows you to make constant changes in your products to fulfill the market needs.

For instance, you might be interested in developing a mobile app for a specific demographic, but your extended software development team can suggest you build a progressive web app (PWA) to increase your market reach.

New ideologies will open your developers to adopt innovative ways of thinking. Finding creative ways of problem-solving will allow your software development team to cope up with unexpected situations. Also, it will introduce unique ways to deliver better software and will keep your team excited and motivated. They will get more exciting software development experience.

5.    Sharing business costs

To support your software development team, you need a robust technological infrastructure and a dedicated software development team that offers support to carry out the necessary configurations and maintenance. When you hire software development company, your business costs can get shared between you and your team.

Technology is evolving and getting more and more demanding. At this time, an extended software development team can provide you with innovative technologies, methodologies, and experiences. Being in touch with people with strong and diverse technical experience will fasten your business growth. It will also decrease your training costs.

6.    Quality Maintenance

Writing an excellent code can be time-consuming. You need to concentrate Unnecessary haste for fetching the deadlines can damage your code quality. It also eventually increases project duration.

Thanks to the repeating scripts, anyone can run tests in regression without repeating the steps manually. Your team can work on the new features as automatically checked the old one.

A highly skilled software development team builds less complex systems, compared to a novice software developer. However, you have to consider a couple of other factors you should be wary of or avoid entirely.

Final Words

High-speed communication channels enable the software development team to use their knowledge and skills to make your project successful. And the tech companies can find the best software engineers within a reasonable budget to fit their business needs. You can own offshore development team for creating a profitable software solution for your business. Keep reading this space for more such insights.

Author Bio:

Shahid Mansuri Co-founder Peerbits, one of the leading offshore development teams provider.  With his guidance many companies hire remote developer team from Peerbits for their complex and customized projects. His years of hard work, dedication, and experience has helped him in developing profound expertise for a wide array of technologies, tools, and platforms. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with learned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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