2FA Security Aspect In KYC Portal

KYC Portal has various customer outreach modules which allow the organization to send links to their clients to fill in forms, upload documents, conduct face-to-face meetings and fill in any KYC questionnaires that are required, as part of the onboarding process.

Use 2FA Security To Stop Cybercrime

There is also our Customer Outreach Tool (COT) where organizations can give access to corporate clients to manage their applications in their entirety.

Clients who receive access to these links will always have to verify their login with two-factor authentication (2FA) on their mobile number, which is stored against their application in KYCP.

Extra Security For Businesses

2FA is an extra step added to the log-in process, between the client entering the password and accessing their application.

2FA offers an extra level of security that cyber thieves can’t easily access. Because the criminal needs more than just your username and password credentials.

This is also mandated by some regulators as part of the process of allowing end-users to have direct access to such features.

Boost Due Diligence

KYCP holds and processes some of the most sensitive data on your subjects, this level of data must be safeguarded from risk and is paramount to the success of good due diligence.

Having 2FA adds a layer of security which is critical when dealing with external parties as it ensures the true identity of the person logging in.

The 2FA works either through an SMS that is sent directly to the mobile number of the individual or an embedded secure authenticator application called Authy.

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