7 Compliance Podcasts You Should Check Out

You may already listen to a few different entertainment podcasts, but you can also take advantage of them for learning. There are so many different podcasts designed to talk about different industries, and compliance is just one of them.

7 Best Compliance Podcasts

Here are some of the best compliance podcasts out there right now and why you should check them out.

Culture of Compliance

Sabrina Serafin hosts the Culture of Compliance podcast, and in it, she interviews a different compliance officer every episode. Together, they talk about creating a culture of compliance in their workplace and what it means to help staff understand it.

If you’re looking to improve compliance in your workplace, this is the podcast you’ll want to listen to. There are lots of useful tips here, and you’ll be able to put them to good use at work right away.

Corruption, Crime, and Compliance

The Corruption, Crime, and Compliance podcast is not only highly important to listen to, but it’s entertaining as well. Compliance and legal matters go hand in hand, and it’s always useful to keep on top of all the legal matters that are happening at the moment.

In this show, you’ll be able to keep up to date on recent events, get information on best practices, and more.

For example, recent episodes have covered recent DOJ trials, the violation of Ukraine-Russia sanctions, and more besides. It’s a good look into the legal side of compliance, where you’ll learn a lot.

The Compliance Word

When it comes to compliance, it’s not just the CCO that needs to be concerned with it. Everyone in the business is involved in some way, whether it’s the regulators, vendors, or other professionals.

This involvement is something that The Compliance Word podcast understands, and so professionals from all areas of business are brought on to offer their tips on compliance.

With so many different ideas you’ll get a fully rounded view.

Risky Women Radio

The Risky Women Radio podcast covers women who are involved in compliance, from risk managers to compliance officers and more. As you’d imagine from the title, it focuses on the women in the industry and the unique challenges that they face.

As there’s a clear gender gap in compliance right now, this is something that you’ll want to check out. You can hear episodes on all kinds of relevant topics, whether conflicts of interest, financial crime risk, or behavioral science.

Risk and Regulation Rundown Podcast

Every month, host Andrew Strange, the director of PwC, talks to guest speakers on the Risk and Regulation Rundown podcast on compliance topics.

They all bring something new and interesting to the discussion, allowing you to learn something new every time you tune in.

You’ll learn more about topics affecting the industry right now and any new news that you need to be aware of. It’s a good podcast to have in your feed, as it helps keep you up to date.


The Freshfields podcast, hosted by lawyers of Freshfields, is all about how to protect the future of your business.

They cover a lot of key themes that you may have more questions about, such as FCA enforcement, Brexit impact, management of conduct risk, and a lot more.

Each episode is quite short, so you won’t need long to listen and get what you need. The podcasts pack a lot into them, though, so you’ll be able to pick up on a lot of new and useful info as you listen.

Fintech Insider Podcast

If your compliance interest is in fintech specifically, then the Fintech Insider podcast is for you. There are two episodes released every week, and they cover everything you may need to know about the subject.

It’s hosted by a range of experts, and they offer well-versed insights into all the issues currently affecting fintech. If this is the area you work in, you’ll want to make sure that you’re listening.

Listen To A Compliance Podcast And Learn More About Compliance

These are just some of the compliance podcasts out there right now. Give them a listen, and see what’s out there for you. You can learn so much from them, and you should make sure they’re in your feeds.

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