Why API Data Protection Is More Important In 2022

Cyber threat is a complete headache for companies. Venmo had one such headache, with a data breach on an unsecured application programming interface (API), when hackers mass scrapped 200 million transactions. While APIs are vitally important, they might end up at the back of the queue regarding security priorities. Maybe it’s time for you to look after your APIs. Otherwise, you could also find yourself dealing with a nasty data breach. 

What is an API?

APIs are a key part of any digital transformation in 2022. As a software intermediary, APIs enable two applications to talk to each other. Now that you realise how important they are, you might rethink your current security strategy. Here is a list of the most significant APIs and how they work:

  • Open or Public APIs –  these are available for use by anybody. These APIs usually help businesses share apps. 
  • Composite APIs –  that help to streamline processes and improve productivity (these APIs usually connect or combine more than one APS)
  • Partner APIs – these are selectively available compared to Open or Public APIs. These APIs are for selective users and have vigorous security checks.
  • Private or Internal APIs – these APIs are for internal use by businesses. These APIs usually connect different teams to complete work tasks.

The Importance Of API Data Protection For Businesses

It is fair to say that your business is probably using at least one or more of these application programming interfaces. Your business must have API data protection to counter any potential data attacks. APIs play an essential role in the overall IT infrastructure of applications. Any breach could have a domino effect across your company and other companies that use the problem API.

Creating An Action Plan For API Data Protection

If you haven’t already, it is highly recommended that you create an action plan for API data protection. It will boost your overall IT security and give you peace of mind. Here are a few things you could add to your action plan to get things in motion:

  • Implement Authentication

Before an API performs a request, it should perform authentication to verify the user’s identity that made the request. You could set this process up with a password, multi-factor authentication, or an authentication token.

  • Implement Authorisation

Once the authentication is complete, the next stage is authorising or granting permissions to use the API. Developers tend to follow the Principle of Least Privilege. This principle states that users should only have access to what they need.

  • Only Use Necessary Information

Hackers are resourceful and persistent, so try to make it as difficult as you can for them. Only include necessary information in response. This process limits the information that hackers can use to their advantage.

  • Log API Activity

It might seem pretty obvious, but it can sometimes be forgotten. If you end up being the victim of a hack, the best way to resolve it is with recorded activity. Ensure you log all API activity so it is easier to rectify the situation.

  • Consider Using A Dedicated Solution

Consider using a professional solution to customise your preferences. It will save you time setting everything up and immediately stop a potential data breach.

A Modern Solution To Handle Data Breach Threats

A big player in API data security is eXate, headquartered in London. eXate’s cleverly named APIgator solution is making waves in the security market. It works on the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP), specifically designed to protect sensitive data. Only correct, relevant data goes to the right people. Also, it can provide a full audit on who is accessing the data and those blocked from accessing it.

Three Key APIgator Capabilities

APIgator is an efficient and scalable way to protect the data flowing through your APIs. It’s also important to note that it isn’t only about protecting data that flows between APIs. Have you ever thought about the data that leaves your API? When the data leaves your API and goes to another person or app, it is still important to protect it. APIgator handles this issue, as it is a complete end-to-end solution for companies.  It has three key capabilities:

  • You can apply internal policies to the data shared internally and with third parties. This streamlining approach means you can also eliminate the risk of over-distributing data throughout the business.
  • The product has full audit capabilities. The auditing features means you can see who is accessing the data and blocked ones.
  • It is also integrated and protected at a proxy level, allowing you to protect multiple APIs.

Planet Compliance asked eXate’s Chief Product Officer, Robert Greenwood, how APIgator can help with risk and compliance. He said, “APIgator is currently the only platform capable of monitoring and analysing your API estate for regulatory and organisational data breach threats, then quickly remediating and removing the risk of your organisations’ data being incorrectly exposed and distributed.

API Data Protection Is Worth It

No company wants to join the high profile organisations that have had to deal with a data breach. Whenever you next look at your IT security, consider your hard-working APIs. Do you have complete API data protection? If not, consider using a tech solution to protect your business further. It will save you from sophisticated hackers and will protect your company image. 

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Sally Leslie is the content editor for Planet Compliance and creates B2B content for businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups. She has a PR degree and a background in business development and sales. Sally is passionate about motivation, time management, and the world of financial technology.


Sally Leslie

Sally Leslie is the content editor for Planet Compliance. She also writes B2B content and case studies for entrepreneurs, SMEs, and startups worldwide. She is a lover of plants, freedom, and football. https://www.contentcatcreations.com/

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