Bitcoin SV Revolutionizes Healthcare Data Management

The world has seen how the current healthcare data system was not equipped to fight a pandemic such as the one we are currently experiencing. The coronavirus has afflicted more than 67 million people worldwide and has taken more than 1.5 million lives. These numbers only continue to increase every day, with some countries experiencing second waves. Of course, the economic impact has been devastating to say the least.

We have to learn from this pandemic and be prepared to combat another one in the future; and Bitcoin SV has opened a path for solutions that will help the healthcare industry battle the current virus and future ones that may yet again plague us.

Healthcare Data and the Bitcoin SV Blockchain

Bitcoin SV has brought back the original Bitcoin protocol and continues to pursue massive scaling of its blockchain to accommodate an unlimited amount of data. With this kind of advanced and stable technology, global industries can build various platforms on the Bitcoin SV blockchain that will improve numerous data systems.

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At present, healthcare data exist in silos that are only internally accessible to the institutions that own these silos. One of the uses developed on the BSV blockchain is one that involves storing and managing global healthcare data that effectively makes these silos obsolete.

The Future of Healthcare Data

EHR Data, Inc. and its partners plan to use the Bitcoin SV blockchain to immutably record and manage billions of patient data. With realtime access to the same updated data, practitioners from across the globe can retrieve consolidated healthcare information.

Imagine if this was in effect during the start of the pandemic? For one, doctors would have instant access to a patient’s medical history that would allow them to provide a more accurate diagnosis faster. Scientists and researchers would also be able to know more about the virus, pinpoint symptoms more concisely and recommend the right treatment. Governments would be able to identify coronavirus hotspots and impose quarantine procedures faster.

The virus would not have spread as it did, and countless lives would have been saved if only global healthcare data are more accessible. As everyone now knows, time and information are crucial in preventing the spread of coronavirus. The world should learn from this crisis. Pandemics come and go, and being prepared for them will only serve to benefit people. Even a cure to cancer may become possible once scientists have easy access to these crucial data. The technology is already made available by Bitcoin SV, make use of it and create a better and safer future.

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