Commodities Trading 2022 Market Insight Report

For Commodities trading to continue to function well, it needs to be flexible. Much like a muscle, however, this doesn’t come easily. It takes preparation, training, and stretching to build a muscle into something with the capacity and flexibility to go through rigorous moments of endurance or sprinting.

This analogy ran through last year’s Reuters Events Commodities Trading virtual summit. The event had experts from across the commodities space coming together to agree that this was a time to learn critical lessons, both from the disruption of 2020 and from broader trends such as digitalization, the impact of the energy transition, the rise of alternative lenders, and supply chain & logistics challenges.

Reuters Events have just released the 2022 Commodities Market Insight Report, produced in conjunction with Tradecloud, collating expert insights to map out the path to a net-zero commodities industry, explore changing corporate priorities, and the significant value in setting sustainability targets.

Download the Paper:  Commodities Trading 2022 Market Insight Report here >

The report will explore key topics such as:

  • Exploring the rapidly changing landscape surrounding the energy transition and the race to net zero to remain flexible and successful in shifting to a sustainable future.
  • Understanding new market tools and technologies such as integrated technology alongside data solutions to keep pace with digitalization and increase efficiencies.
  • Deep diving into the oil and gas transition, decarbonization, and investment strategies to ensure you can embrace the energy transition.
  • Investigating the rise of ESG investments, carbon markets, and the value these bring to the entire trade landscape.

Download the Paper:  Commodities Trading 2022 Market Insight Report here >

The report contains industry expert insight and examples from senior industry leaders at TradeCloud, The International Energy Agency, the European Commission, BP, Chevron, and others.

With special thanks to Trade Cloud, for their expert insights and contributions to this whitepaper. This report was produced in the leadup to Reuters Events: Commodities Trading USA (June 7-8, Houston), which will unite 200+ industry leaders, incl. trading houses, investors, producers, traders, buyers, and policymakers to keep pace with these seismic shifts and remain profitable in this volatile commodities market.

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