How To Manage Compliance For Microsoft’s Power BI

Data is the most strategic asset of every organization, and every business needs to become digitally sovereign and secure over its own data. The data engender across the Power BI solution help organizations to manage, organize, and build robust strategies and decisions. 

Hence data generated from a Power BI solution needs compliance to handle, secure, and protect data safely.

Regrettably, most businesses lack the knowledge necessary to manage Power BI compliance and report on critical elements of their Power BI solution, leaving them open to risk.

So, let us dive straight to the point and discuss how you can manage compliance for Power BI.

Managing Compliance For Power BI

A business must meet regulatory compliance duties and adhere to all benchmark standards’ requirements, although doing so can be quite difficult. Hence, organizations can get in touch with an experienced Power BI development company.

A Power BI development company provides comprehensive Power BI development services and assists your enterprise with organized and managed compliance with Microsoft Power BI.

Using A Regulatory Compliance Dashboard

Power BI development services can help you develop an intuitive Compliance dashboard that streamlines and manages all Power BI compliance effortlessly.

The regulatory compliance dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of the compliance situation as well as information on the relevant compliances for a given set of supported standards and laws.

Customers can examine a single page detailing Power BI’s compliance with ISO27001, ISO27018, Model Clauses, EU, HIPAA BAA, and the UK G-Cloud on the Microsoft Trust Centre website since Power BI joined the program.

The Microsoft Trust Centre

The Microsoft Trust Centre offers a single point of access to trusted cloud services, documentation of compliance with privacy, data protection, transfer policies, location, and security features and capabilities.

Microsoft Trust Centre Commitments

  • Only the organization has all control over its data.
  • Microsoft is completely transparent about where the data is stored and its use.
  • Microsoft is secure and protects data during transit as well as during rest.
  • Microsoft is committed to defending data during an unpredicted malware attack or data loss.

To manage the compliance of Power BI, Microsoft 365 and Power BI partnered to enable organizations to discover, classify, and protect critical information and data in Power BI using the Microsoft Information Protection sensitivity label.

Additionally, Mandatory MIP label policies, Default MIP label policies, and Microsoft 365 Data Loss Prevention policies will manage the data and the security of Power BI flawlessly.

Digital Transformation And The Future

The era of digital transformation has created an explosion of data, regulatory uncertainty, and ever-increasing cybersecurity threats. To thrive in this new landscape, you need a partner who can help address these challenges.

Microsoft embraced the responsibility to handle data securely, privately, and in compliance with relevant laws, to help create a safer world where organizations can be empowered by digital transformation.

With the help of compliance for Microsoft Power BI, you can manage your data, organize it, and be assured that your data is completely protected and safe.


I Myself, Michael Donald, am a senior technical consultant at a leading USA-based Power BI Solution Provider company, Bitscape. With such a highly visionary brand, I have unified experience in designing the existing technological structure with more value addition to various businesses. While experiencing technological advancements, I have been through a wide range of challenges and have designed customized solutions with growth-oriented abilities that work against challenging issues for any industry.

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