CPD Requirements Show Regulators Move With The Times

It’s almost 10 years since the CPD requirements were implemented. 

Under Retail Distribution Review (RDR), some specific roles are required to complete 35 hours of CPD. 

That CPD is split between structured and unstructured content with a minimum 30-minutes duration for content classified as structured.

In addition, individuals must also hold a Statement of Professional Standings (SPS) from an FCA accredited body. 

The SPS is issued annually and confirms an individual has the required qualification. 

It also confirms that the individual continues to meet the minimum competence obligations and conduct obligations. 

The SPS demonstrates that the information has been independently verified.

Since 2013, the range of CPD materials has increased, and their delivery method has also changed. For this reason, the regulators have identified a need to move with the times.

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Priscilla Gaudoin, FICA, ACISI

Head of Client Regulation

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