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In 2021 it is key to explore how energy transition is affecting the trading community including the oil, natural gas, and carbon markets.

Reuters Events and Refinitiv have engaged with all their internal experts and asset class teams – oil, power, natural gas, carbon, and LNG team to scope out what their view of energy transition is, and their view of the subsequent impact it is (and will) have.

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Which explores the following areas:

  • Utilising the existing – Fossil fuel companies can leverage existing infrastructure, technologies, and expertise to not only switch to but embrace decarbonizing the energy sector.
  • Tech and Data advancements – The role newer technology and data capture, analysis and reach can play in supporting the energy transition.
  • Energy Commodity Price impact – What is happening currently, how will this change and what are the consequences of this e.g. topics like drilling limits, higher forecasts and new policies.
  • The geopolitical shift – And the results this has across all energy and power markets.
  • The potential obstacles – That could affect the transition, red flags and anything on the horizon.

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