Full access to Keesing’s identity verification for essential organisations to address COVID-19 pandemic

Keesing Technologies, the leading global identity verification provider, announced that it is making its digital identity verification services and databases freely available to essential organisations that are in need of accurate identity proofing while responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Keesing’s trusted identity verification will support these organisations in their global commitment to stop the spread of COVID-19 by enabling them to screen and proof the identities of individuals remotely, ensuring safe work environments and secure digital services all around.

The impact of COVID-19 on the global community is enormous. With the world in lockdown, our lives and business are actively transitioning to online spaces. The increasing use of and demand for new digital services and mobile devices causes fraud prevention to be more complex as it becomes more difficult to verify individuals through faceless channels.

As a response to COVID-19, organisations of all shapes and sizes are eagerly looking for digital solutions as alternatives to their regular business practices or services, with, for example, universities moving exams online. Other organisations, for example in healthcare, logistics or law enforcement, are now trying to remotely identify, screen and serve their relief workers, temporary staff, customers, patients, visitors or students. Any helping hand in the battle against coronavirus is welcome. And yet, the need to be safe and prevent fraud remains crucial. Now more than ever, there is the need to proof identities accurately and efficiently through secure digital channels. Keesing is committed to contributing to the global effort against COVID-19 by making its identity verification services and databases freely available to any of these essential organisations and their invaluable workers around the world. The Keesing team will help these organisations integrate the identity verification solutions and set up effective remote screening and verification procedures.

Keesing’s digital identity verification solutions, part of its AuthentiScan product suite, are ideally suited for automated, remote identity proofing.

AuthentiScan combines the company’s unrivalled ID document verification technology with essential biometric checks, offering the world a highly reliable tool for performing accurate but speedy identity verifications. Organisations that are in need of reference material for examining the authenticity of ID documents, can now similarly rely on the comprehensive information available on Documentchecker without any restrictions.

“We are determined to help and relief any of these organisations in the fight against the virus by making their screening and verification processes as smooth and reliable as possible ensuring safe work environments and protection against fraud”, says Mike Krechting, managing director of Keesing Technologies. “Whether it comes to the screening of the many volunteers and temporary workers in healthcare, day-care, law enforcement or logistics, or businesses that suddenly need to deal with huge amounts of customers that they need to onboard, Keesing is committed to help. We want to be there for them to improve the process and relieve the burden”.

Organisations that wish to be eligible for free access to Keesing’s identity verification are requested to apply via an online form on Keesing’s website www.keesingtechnologies.com. The Keesing team is continuously available to support them in setting up and streamlining their identity proofing processes, integrating Keesing ID verification into their online environments and providing expert advice on the validity of ID documents.

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