How To Prepare For Human Rights Legislation


ethiXbase has released a new Whitepaper entitled, ‘Addressing Modern Slavery & Human Rights in Supply Chains 2022.’ 

The whitepaper was brought together collaboratively to help organizations learn and prepare for modern slavery and human rights legislations worldwide.

What’s in the report?

The report includes steps organizations have taken to prevent and reduce the risk of child labor or forced labor throughout their supply chain. Readers will learn:

• Everything about the new legislations and the key updates for 2022 and beyond 

• Find out about the global modern slavery and human rights legislations and developments

• Learn what businesses need to know to help them maintain compliance with their global regulatory requirements

• Gain access to resources and solutions that are available to support organizations in their modern slavery and human rights compliance programs

ethiXbase helps organizations to elevate, build, maintain and monitor sustainability in their supply chain. Providing our clients with a deep and broad view of your supply chain risk, across various risk areas including: Anti-corruption, Human Rights, Labour and Environment. 


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