Importance of OT Security: Why you Should Consider OT Security

OT security stands for operational technology. These are stacks of hardware and software that carry out security measures. They help in monitoring, detecting, and controlling the changes in the devices, events, and processes of industrial networks.

They are used to protect these networks and systems against malicious attacks. The services from operational technology security cover smart city appliances, power stations, and also transportation networks.

These are very common among Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Its everyday duty is to guard the systems from attacks and manage critical infrastructure.

As the malicious attacks in industrial networks continue to increase, the need for effective security measures is high.

In this article, we will explore the security challenges faced in the industrial sector. Further, we will talk about the importance of operational technology security today.

So, let us get started!

The Common Security Challenges Faced in the Industrial Sector and the Need for OT Security

As we progress, we are faced with different advancements but at the same time, problems arise. Along with these problems are effective solutions guaranteed to prevent or solve them.

To understand the importance of OT security, you first need to understand the everyday security challenges that occur in this sector.

Below are some of the most common issues faced followed by the importance of applyinG TO security.

1.    Malware Infiltration via External Hardware and Removable Media

This is one of the most common challenges or threats faced by organizations in the industrial sector. Using external hardware and flash drives in various places and systems can be risky. It can lead to unwanted and unauthorized access.

This external hardware was used in different networks before it went into your system. There would be no guarantee that these devices are clean once they are used to access yours. If the hardware turns out to be compromised, it could affect your database as well.

That is why an organization should offer virus protection and also run security awareness campaigns. This can be done with the help of IT teams. 

One can make use of OT security vendors to prevent malware infiltration. They offer to apply security measures to big organizations. These services include operational technology security.

An OT security vendor is also usually composed of different other IT security professionals. This way, they can help you tighten your network security.

2.    Human Error

Human error is another challenge that is commonly faced, not just in the industrial sector, but in other businesses as well. Human errors are harder to avoid since no system can determine when they would occur.

What organizations can do is apply security measures to minimize or remove the possible repercussions

For example, operational technology security helps organizations detect changes in devices. This can help the management trace errors in the early stages, making sure that it doesn’t cause any further harm to the organization.

3.    Malware Infection via Internet

Malware infection via the internet is alarmingly high at present times. As consumers, we are using the same service which is the internet. There are many malicious attackers today who target industrial databases through this.

This threat makes important business documents vulnerable and exposed to possible leaks.

Nowadays, several anti-virus programs have become outdated and have a hard time detecting malware. Hacks then take advantage of this to get what they want.

Have regular and timely checking of operating systems and applications in the office and back-end networks. This way, you can prevent malware infiltration and avoid business losses.

4.    DDoS Attacks and IoT-Botnets

Every organization has different kinds of IoT technologies connected to its network. These include PS tracking, security sensors, grid sensors, and condition sensors. Each of these has its communication protocols.

That way, there are going to be different kinds of challenges that will have to be faced by an organization. As organizations use more IoT devices in today’s connected world, the threat of botnet DDoS attacks seems to be on the rise.

That is why an organization needs to know about cybersecurity solutions. This prevents such malware attacks and problems from arising.

Importance of Operational Technology Security

From reading the above-mentioned challenges one could have figured out the importance of using OT Security. As there are going to be problems and challenges in every step you must protect your network with OT security.

Prevents Attack

The presence of IT security helps prevent attacks on industrial networks. As mentioned, it monitors and immediately detects changes in the system.

These kinds of security measures are important because they secure important business data. The attacks are done to get confidential information or disrupt business operations.

Either way, attacks like this one could cost an organization tons of money and resources. Deploying security measures such as OT security that your business has an extra layer of protection from these said breaches.

Ensures Business Continuity

Businesses in the industrial sector deal with a lot of inventory, clients, and other stakeholders. That is why it is crucial to keep the business running.

These businesses couldn’t afford to stop operations as they are dealing with things such as transportation and communications. Even a second out of business could cause inconvenience to consumers.

At the same time, a pause on operations can make a business lose money and even clients.

An OT security makes sure that these businesses can preserve operations. This security measure can help create an undisrupted flow of business. This way, they can avoid losses and customer dissatisfaction.

Final Thoughts

Make use of OT security to ease the problems and challenges faced by the industrial sector. With OT security, you can avoid problems that may be brought about by malicious attacks or even human errors.

In any field, an extra layer of protection is highly recommended. In the industrial sector, the operational technology security measure can help preserve the integrity of the business.

So, protect your business and your stakeholders by setting up your OT security today.

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