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MAERSK – an integrated container logistics company implements Lawrbit Global Compliance Management Solution (GCMS) to strengthen governance framework for its GSC operations across APAC


  • Established in 1999, Maersk GSC is Global in-house service center of A.P. Moller – Maersk.
  • From initially focusing on offshoring opportunities, GSCs’ competencies have grown significantly
  • It comprises of best minds in engineering, digital innovation, finance, commercial, operations & IT
  • 12,500+ employees across India, China and Philippines and is largest constituent of Maersk T&L


  • Maersk operates with a lean legal team, responsible for managing compliance, contracts, notices & litigations, legal support across 3 countries & 6 facilities.
  • With rapid changes in support center operations, there were many moving parts, including resources
  • The manual process of monitoring Regulatory risks wasn’t effective as the compliance officer had to rely solely on declaration from process owners across countries & functions
  • Laws & compliance obligations are evolving faster and it needed a source everyone can rely on


The project was initiated in mid April, 2020 when lockdown just begun globally.

Everyone was learning to adapt to the new challenges of working from home, discussing on Zoom call; suddenly they were handed over the project with strict timelines.

  • 100+ resources (Maersk, Lawrbit & Legal partners at China & Philippines) were deployed on the project
  • Both teams were to ensure every information was available right on time, constantly changing regulations during the Covid period were factored in along with regular compliance
  • The original project plans were altered on the go as personal meetings was no longer an option.
  • Due to health issues, some members from our legal partner weren’t available in middle of the project


  • Knowing challenges ahead of us, everyone including senior leaders from both organisations committed themselves to closely monitor every deadline, challenge and misses
  • Weekly reviews were initiated and were closely monitored to ensure there wasn’t any slip
  • Law Firm engagements in China & Philippines helped bring confidence in teams in those countries about our quality & coverage
  • Multiple meetings/training sessions, individuals calls with end users were arranged before & post Go-Live of the application


Maersk enjoys the benefits of our lifetime support

  • Regulatory updates and consequent changes in the applicable compliances are updated on anear Real Time basis in GCMS
  • Application is hosted on SaaS, so no involvement from the client’s IT team for application support
  • Technology updates, upgrades, and new features are introduced on a regular basis


  • The Board of Directors now have better control over the group level compliance adherence
  • Everyone’s on the same page with understanding and sensitivities of compliance obligations
  • This resulted in better visibility, transparency, and accountability in the system
  • Saving of time in reporting and monitoring compliance at each level
  • Helped reduce the overall cost of compliance


ARVIND KISHOR (Head – Legal & Compliance; India, China & Philippines)

“We spent almost 1 year evaluating every possible option available, including Big 4s; found Lawrbit’s delivery model & technology most compelling. They have gone into every detail around compliance nuances.

We signed up during the Covid period my worries doubled, but the implementation team (Global & Indian) did a phenomenal job & went live within set timelines.

Our teams across India, China & the Philippines are happy with roll out and support provided during & post-Go-Live”

Lawrbit Global Compliance Network

Global businesses struggle to have a consolidated Regulatory Compliance Management Solution. Currently, they end up having a disintegrated approach by using different solutions for each geography; in some cases, they may not use technology et al. Lawrbit helps manage Regulatory obligations across multiple geographies, entities, through a single solution.
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