Templar Payments now powered by PassFort Connect

17 June 2021, London: PassFort, the SaaS RegTech provider automating financial crime and compliance processes, has announced a new customer relationship with Templar Payments who will use PassFort Connect to power its digital-first onboarding solution for independent sales organisations.

Templar provides the world’s first fully white-labelled digital onboarding web application designed for independent sales organisations (ISOs). Its web app allows ISOs to improve customer journeys, increase conversion rates and onboard merchants faster to provide a better and more personalised experience.

The Templar platform will use PassFort Connect to access a full suite of KYC, KYB, AML and Anti-fraud technologies, including CreditSafe, Refinitiv WorldCheck One, GBG, Experian and more. More than 30,000 checks are expected to be run through the PassFort API each month.

PassFort was selected by Templar because of its ability to scale to meet increases in demand and to seamlessly add integrations with new data providers at any time. The RegTech provider’s existing expertise in compliance automation and its partnership arrangements with world-leading data providers is enabling Templar to accelerate the launch of its app to global markets.

“We were very impressed with PassFort’s stellar list of data partners already integrated through the Connect platform and ready to use. Partnering with PassFort means we don’t have to spend time building our own integrations and relationships with different providers – they come readymade.” Said Nathan Watkins, CEO of Templar Payments. “Templar has a unique place in the FinTech ecosystem and speed to market was important to us. If we don’t need to build integrations for KYB checks or budget for development resource, all the better. PassFort Connect is a resilient, robust and cost-efficient solution for us.”

Donald Gillies, PassFort’s CEO, added: “PassFort is delighted to be working with Templar. Our new Connect API is uniquely positioned to support the rapidly evolving data needs of the Templar platform as they continue to scale internationally. Nathan and Kathryn are building something bold to challenge the established payments marketplace and it’s exciting to know we’ve helped them access critical datasets in a seamless, scalable way. We’re very excited to partner for this next phase of their growth and continue to give them access to best-in-class datasets all over the world.”

About PassFort

PassFort adds the human touch to compliance automation. It enables regulated financial services companies to manage risk, trust and compliance standards across customer relationships. PassFort’s magic is its ability to dynamically orchestrate all aspects of KYC and AML workflows, so humans can be brought in and out of the process for high-value tasks that need analysis, judgement and decision-making.

PassFort’s technology enables companies to rapidly onboard and monitor their customers at scale. Its low-to-no code solution thrives on complexity such as multiple customer types, multiple product lines and multi-jurisdictions; empowering compliance teams to be more efficient and to build trusted long-term customer relationships globally.

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