IoTech Lab and Keesing Technologies partner to enhance global KYC platform

A new partnership between IoTech Lab and Keesing Technologies ensures seamless alignment between risk-based approach rating analysis, transaction monitoring and reliable identity verification. By integrating Keesing’s ID verification technology, IoTech Lab provides an extensive Know-Your-Customer checking platform. 

Keesing Technologies, the Amsterdam-based leading global identity verification provider, has teamed up with IoTech Lab, a Singapore-based software development powerhouse, to provide industry-leading identity verification to IoTech Lab’s KYC (Know-Your-Customer) platform known as Solis.
Solis is a cost effective, holistic and all-in-one KYC solution that performs extensive KYC checks, including ID document verification combined with facial recognition, risk-based approach rating analysis, and transaction monitoring. The partnership with Keesing enables IoTech Lab’s clientele to streamline their customer identification and onboarding processes, meet AML (anti-money laundering) compliance legislation, and detect fraud through the Solis platform.

The partnership builds on the commitment of both companies to provide customers with fraud prevention and KYC solutions of the highest standard. It allows IoTech Lab to offer a best of breed solution and makes trusted identity verification solutions more accessible.

By integrating Keesing’s flagship solution AuthentiScan into its global KYC platform Solis, IoTech Lab delivers an effective and reliable e-KYC solution. Through AuthentiScan, technology customers can identify and verify their customers in near real time, based on biometric checks and extensive ID document verification. It enables IoTech Lab’s customers to provide their users a safe and convenient onboarding process and protection against money laundering and other types of fraud. “We are excited to work with Keesing Technologies. Through this partnership, we combine Keesing’s century long experience in fraud prevention with our state-of-the-art technology. This enables us to deliver best in class e-KYC solutions for our customers.”, says Joris De Meulenaere, CEO of IoTech Lab.

Keesing strives to provide organisations all over the world with easy access to its trusted identity verification solutions to help prevent and combat fraud. Through strategic partnerships, Keesing is better able to serve local organisations and accelerate the introduction of trusted identity verification technology in the region.  “We are eager to work with IoTech Lab. The software development powerhouse has a great understanding of the challenges organisations in the region struggle with. Their resources and professional experience within the region offer us an excellent way to set foot here with our identity verification solutions and to start new projects”, comments Daniel Suess, Commercial Director at Keesing Technologies.

Keesing works with various organisations in the financial services industry around the world to streamline and secure customer onboarding processes. Partnering with loTech Lab is part of Keesing’s strategy to expand its presence as a leading identity verification provider in the APAC region.

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About IoTech Lab

IoTech Lab Pte Ltd, established in Singapore in 2018, is a software development powerhouse that designs highly innovative and smart technology solutions.

IoTech Lab builds AI, IOT and blockchain applications that serve a wide variety of vertical markets including Finance and FinTech, Digital assets and Blockchain, Legal services, and Real Estate. We focus on value adding services such as AML/KYC, Transaction Monitoring and smart device solutions for customers worldwide.

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Keesing Technologies 

Keesing Technologies was founded in 1923 and leads the way in digital ID document verification and identity proofing solutions. The objective of Keesing is to help organisations prevent counterfeiting and combat fraud by providing the world’s best verification solutions. The technology used, is powered by nearly 100 years of experience and accumulated knowledge.

Keesing’s customer onboarding technology provides an easy-to-use identity proofing process incorporating biometric facial recognition and extensive ID document verification. The technology was especially designed for customer onboarding processes and can be seamlessly integrated via a web API into any existing platform, providing a secure and efficient onboarding process for both the business and its customer. The company works with various organisations around the world to streamline and secure their customer onboarding processes. Keesing’s solutions are known for their security, accuracy and usability.

Keesing serves more than 6,000 organisations worldwide, including banks and other financial institutions. Keesing has offices in The Netherlands, France, and the USA, and collaborates with distributors, strategic partners and agents all over the world.
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