Regulatory Initiatives Forum Update

The Financial Services Regulatory Initiatives Forum published its latest update in May. 

The Regulatory Initiatives Grid (Grid) highlights what’s in the pipeline for the FS industry for the next 24 months.

Our earlier blogs explained the purpose of the Regulatory Initiatives Forum and the regulatory agenda for 2022.  This edition of the Grid provides further updates.

What’s new in this 5th edition of the Grid? 

According to the foreword, the Grid highlights some significant developments.

This, the fifth edition of the Grid is a story of consistency on the one hand and significant developments on the other.

Significant Developments, perhaps a phrase that an already stretched compliance team doesn’t wish to hear. 

Fortunately, those firms that keep an eye on the regulatory horizon will already be aware of these significant developments. 

The developments refer to the Financial Services and Markets Bill (the Bill), which will help shape the UK’s future regulatory framework.

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Priscilla Gaudoin, FICA, ACISI

Head of Client Regulation

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