How the taxi dispatch industry is supporting medicine deliveries during covid-19?

Covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected our lives. It has immediately stopped the movement on the roads. The whole world has been paused for a while. Governments are imposing lockdowns and social distancing norms to save their citizens from this critical situation.

Many businesses have faced tough times during the coronavirus pandemic. The taxi business is one such business that also got a hard hit from this pandemic. Due to the lack of passengers, it is becoming tough for them to continue their daily operations.

Where other businesses are facing hard times, on-demand delivery businesses are witnessing rapid growth. The need for social distancing and contactless deliveries has opened new doors for on-demand delivery startups. Medicine businesses have also entered the on-demand markets to cope up with the increasing need for medicine delivery for the needy people who are unable to go out of their homes to purchase their daily supplies.

As per statista, the global online pharmacy market will reach at 128 billion dollars (approx.) by the year 2023. This is a great opportunity for taxi businesses to bounce back again by accepting medicine deliveries. They can provide doorstep deliveries anytime. Also, they can ensure the safety of both the customers and drivers by using touchless payment methods.

A robust on-demand medicine delivery solution can help you to reap the profits in this emerging market. For creating it, you need to hire best-dedicated developers. If you are looking to know that how your taxi business can, then this blog is for you. In this blog, we will discuss with you how you can grow your profits by integrating medicine deliveries into your taxi business.

How taxi businesses are supporting touchless medicine deliveries?

The surge in demand for different medicines has also increased the workload of the medicine delivery startups. At this time, the taxi dispatch industry has emerged as the real saviors for the medicine delivery businesses. Here are a few ways in which the taxi business can help the medicine delivery businesses by integrating contactless deliveries :

1.    Delivery from pharma stores to customer

The taxi businesses can tie-up with local pharma stores for starting and growing their medicine deliveries. When someone places an order for the medicine, the app connects the user with the pharma stores. After finalizing the order, the user gets a confirmation and other order details on its smartphone. Then, the assigned delivery person delivers the medicine on the doorsteps of the customers.

In this way, taxi businesses are providing medicines directly to the customer’s doorsteps from the pharmacy outlets.

2.    Providing services 24*7

The taxi businesses are providing their services round the clock. They can make hasslefree delivery of the medicines anywhere at any time. An efficient taxi dispatch solution can help you with assigning medicine deliveries to the nearby drivers. Thus, the user can get their medicine delivered quickly at their doorsteps.

3.    Taking utmost care of deliverables

Some medicines need more care than others. Maybe they can get broken or spread down during transit. The taxi providers can use tight and enhanced packaging for such kind of medicines so that they don’t get damaged. Also, they can use portable fridges in their cabs to protect sensitive medicines.

4.    Collection of blood samples

The cases for the pandemic has been increasing day by day. There is no medicine for combating it in the markets. There is only one way to stop it now, and that is detecting and quarantining the corona patients. For that, one needs to test their blood samples. But, In these crucial times when no one is allowed to step out of their homes, blood test becomes a bit difficult.

For that, pathologists have started the on-demand blood collections. Their representative will collect the blood samples from the patient’s house. Taxi business owners can even help pathology stores by collecting blood samples from the patients on their behalf. Workpath (previously Iggbo) is one such example of an on-demand blood sample collection. It has partnered with Uber for collecting blood samples right from their patient’s house.

5.    Providing real-time status of medicine deliveries

A robust on-demand medicine delivery solution allows your customers to track the status of their medicine deliveries. They can check multiple delivery statuses as order accepted, order assigned, dispatch, driver’s location, etc. in real-time.

Also, your users can get information about the cancellation of their order so that they can place a new one. In this way, you can help them to save time.

6.    Accepting multiple payment methods

The need to avoid human touch has increased the contactless payment methods. Credit cards, debit cards, NFC, RFID, eWallets, etc. are a few examples of contactless payment methods.

The taxi business can help medicine delivery startups by providing them with the facility of online payments. In this way, the safety of both the driver and the customer can be maintained.

Also, you can give some credit limit or pay later option if any customer is unable to pay for the deliveries.

Signing off

As the majority of the global population is staying at home, there is a massive demand for on-demand delivery solutions in multiple industry verticals like food, groceries, medical supply, and other household essentials. One can easily grow their business by integrating on-demand deliveries in their operations.

The constant supply of medicines is the need of the hour. Many medicine delivery providers are providing on-demand deliveries for providing hasslefree medicine deliveries. Taxi business owners can help these businesses to provide essential medical supplies to needy people by doing a tie-up with them.

Also, they can give their contribution in bouncing back to the economy by employing more and more efficient people.

I hope you liked this blog. Keep following this space for more such insights.

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