Top FinTech Podcasts worth Tuning In To

Podcasts have gained traction over the past few years although they have existed for over twenty years now. Companies, journalists, celebrities, and influencers now seem to have joined the podcasting world making it difficult to select the most helpful podcasts. FinTech or financial and technology space refers to innovations in the financial and technology world. The companies involved in fintech are typically used in reference to companies and services that rely on technology in the provision of financial services. This article provides a list of the most refreshing and thought-provoking fintech podcasts worth every listener’s time.

Fintech Insider

Fintech Insider is a bi-weekly podcast launched by 11:FS and hosted by David Brear, Simon Taylor, Jason Bates, Sarah, Kocianski, and Ross Gallagher. The hosts are fun, witty, and hugely informative on topics such as digital banking, AI, APIs, and various other areas that disrupt our industry. This podcast offers an innovative way for its listeners to better understand the fintech space and the trends in fintech from experts in the field. The podcast analyzes current news, trends, and industry development in fintech, discussing them with the most experienced people in the industry. The hosts invite a wide array of experts for interviews to offer real-life examples of the current trends. The podcast conducts one-on-one interviews with top executives and innovators in the financial and technology industry

Breaking Banks Fintech

Breaking Banks Fintech is a podcast that is hosted by Brett King, an author of various award-winning books, an award-winning speaker, and a force to be reckoned with in the fintech arena alongside other hosts. King is also the founder of Moven, a mobile bank valued at over $200 million. The podcast and its host are well-known to millions of fintech lovers, as it was the first fintech podcast that was launched after the emergence of the industry. The hosts and their guests explore the evolution of fintech, technological advancements in that field, and consumer behavior. Brett’s humor, brilliant personality, and insightful take on things are a nice way for all the podcast’s listeners to immerse themselves fully in the discussions regarding how we relate with money in a vastly technological era. The podcast produces a show every week and currently has 370 episodes. In the shows, the hosts explore the innovators, startups, industry players, and personalities disrupting financial services.

London Fintech Podcast

London Fintech Podcast has been around since 2014, created to educate and entertain its listeners. The show is hosted by Mike Baliman and now has amassed over 400,000 downloads in close to 180 countries. This makes it one of the most popular fintech podcasts. The episodes range between forty and sixty minutes and involve interviews with guests from incumbent financial institutions in the United Kingdom and fintech startups. Some of the guests that have graced the shows are Lord Turner, the former head of the Financial Services Authority, and Sir Paul Tucker, former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England. The hosts and guests discuss topics such as digital currencies, peer-to-peer marketplace, remittance, and alternative finance.

Planet Monet : NPR

This podcast was launched during the 2008 financial crisis and has been running successfully ever since. Planet Money has been the recipient of several awards including a Peabody and the Edward R. Murrow Award. It is hosted by Kenny Malone, Cardiff Garcia, Robert Smith, Noel King, Stacey Vanek Smith, and Jacob Goldstein. The hosts delve into several issues including payments, banking, money, and fintech, helping the audience stay updated on the financial world.

Around The Coin

Hosted by Malini Kannan, Nako Mbelle, Mike Townsend, Faisal Khan, and Brian Roemmele, Around The Coin is an award-winning weekly fintech show with a mission to give entrepreneurs various ideas on how to grow their businesses in the payment industry. It is an all-rounded podcast that discusses all topics related to payments from various perspectives making it worth listening to. To provide entrepreneurs with diverse perspectives, the podcast has launched two new series: Money on the Move, and Behind The Coin. Behind The Coin focuses on matters cryptocurrency while Money on the Move focuses on payments across the world.

These podcasts are some of the few shows that any party interested in fintech should listen to whether they are experts or are just joining the field. They offer up-to-date information on the latest technologies and trends in the industry. Besides, they invite informative experts who make the shows worth listening to.

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